The top destinations to explore water and lush greenery on horseback

This is the third and last blog post series about the top destinations to experience different types of nature on horseback. In the previous posts, you read about beaches, deserts and mountains. In this post I will tell you all about the best destinations to ride horses through beautiful greenery, waterfalls, lakes, hot springs and rivers! Make sure to keep reading to find out more. 

Horseback riding vacation in Argentina
Horse riding in Patagonia

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Horse riding in Poland on cobs

While on a trip through Europe, I stopped to see a friend who was living in Poland at the time. Poland had not very much attracted me before in terms of horse riding, or maybe I had just never thought about it. However, here I found a stunning trail riding place in the middle of nowhere, where they offer lots of rides through the surrounding forests. I went on a four hour ride and the scenery was absolutely incredible, it reminded me of the beautiful rainforests in Uganda. The canters through the open fields in between the forests are magical and your sturdy cob carries you confidently through it all. It is an absolute dream for anyone that loves unique trees and plants. You could spend weeks here without ever getting bored!

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Horse riding in Poland on a cob in the forest

Ride horses through the greenery of Ecuador

Our guest writer Stine has traveled through most of South America and Ecuador. She loved the greenery that Ecuador has to offer in its rainy season and just after. Guided by experienced and professional gauchos you explore the local flora and fauna of the Andes mountains. Volcanoes and glaciers are also on the menu here as you gallop across the greenest plains you’ll ever see! In between, you will be crossing flowing rivers on your well-trained horse to get to the next incredible view. 

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Horse riding in Ecuador

Argentina’s hot springs and waterfalls

On our cattle drive in Argentina, all your needs in terms of rivers, waterfalls and hot springs will be satisfied! While driving the cows through the beautiful mountainous landscape of Patagonia, you’ll be crossing through rivers with the herd. At night, we camp by rarely visited hot springs, an incredible sight and the best cure to those aches from long days in the saddle. The waterfall we ride past on this ride is secluded and in an absolutely incredible location, accessible only by foot and horse. This unique experience really allows you to be alone with nature and explore some of the most stunning bodies of water on horseback. 

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Crossing a river with a herd a cows on a cattle drive in Argentina

The green Mexican highlands in the rainy season

May and October is the rainy season in the Mexican Highlands just above Mexico City. Our Hooves Around The World ride here is hosted at an incredible ranch in a small village, where cows and goats roam free on the farm roads. On the ranch already you’ll be able to explore the amazing waterfall right in the middle of the property. We organise a yearly meet-up at this location, just at the end of the rainy season. At this time, all the flowers are in bloom and the rain has almost stopped. It is an amazing sight while you gallop your Criollo stallion through the vast open spaces on the highlands. You will also ride to a stunning waterfall on a full day ride, and into a valley where streams flow through the bottom and where you can spot the wild horses of the valley. Everywhere you go, there is a stream or river to cross! 

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Horseriders crossing a river in the Mexican highlands

Horse riding in the bush of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s rainy season is from November to March, and it creates the most spectacular views. Rainy season is normally not great for spotting wild animals as the animals go into the bushes and don’t gather around the waterholes. However, as you will be horse riding in the reserve, you have access to all those small paths that a car could never go! Your horse carries you past elephants, rhinos and giraffes as you make your way to massive dams and lakes, crossing some on the way. We also swim the horses in the dams, but only the ones without crocodiles in it! 

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Imire volunteers having sundowners by the dam
Photo by Maddie Turner
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