The top destinations to explore mountains on horseback

Previously, I did a series on the best places to go for thrill seekers, beginners and nervous riders and for culture and nature lovers. In this new blog post series, we will dive into the top destinations to experience different types of nature. Mountains, rivers, deserts, and more. Today I will tell you all about the best places to go if you want to truly experience impressive mountains from the back of a horse. 

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Argentina, Patagonia

Patagonia, the Southernmost tip of South America, lies inside Argentina and Chile, and has some of the most vast landscapes and impressive mountains in the world. The Southern section of the Andes mountain range is within Patagonia and boasts incredible native wildlife, lakes, fjords, temperate rainforests, and glaciers in the west. In the east of Patagonia, you will find deserts, tablelands and steppes. In the northernmost part of the Argentinian part of Patagonia, the Colorado and Barrancas rivers run from the Andes to the Atlantic. On Hooves Around The World’s cattle drive through Patagonia, you get to explore this stunning mountain range on horseback. During the first days of the trip, we will drive a thousand head of Angus cattle. On our way we will come across remote mountain streams and you get the chance to enjoy a dip in the natural hot springs. Ride by and through waterfalls, ancient volcanoes, blue lagoons and valleys on horseback, all while admiring the impressive Andes mountain range all around you, as far as the eye can see. 

Horseriders on trail through Patagonia, Argentina
Patagonia on horseback

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South Africa 

Drakensberg boasts mountains that make you feel like you’re a character of Lord of the Rings. Many even say this mountain range was where Tolkien meant for the books to be set in. Razorback mountains, seemingly impassable mountain paths only used by local wildlife and the occasional human or horse, massive green plateaus and not a soul in sight. The Drakensberg is somewhere every mountain lover must visit once in their lives. On Hooves Around The World’s South African adventure, we visit these mountains on horseback. I have personally spent hundreds of hours in the saddle through these mountains and it’s still one of the most impressive sights I’ve ever seen. We also offer privately arranged week-long horse treks through the Drakensberg mountains in Lesotho, also called the Kingdom in the Sky, where I will guide you through the vast landscapes of this beautiful country. Long hours in the saddle through remote countryside on very steady and sure footed horses, this ride should be on everyone's bucket list wanting to explore impressive mountain ranges. Contact me if you are interested in booking this ride. 

The remote Drakensberg mountains in Lesotho
On top of the remote Drakensberg mountains in Lesotho

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Our Lycian Way horse riding holiday in Turkey offers it all, beaches, forests and mountains. Here, you can explore part of the ancient Lycian way, which is a long-distance trail of over 500 kilometres in the south-west of Turkey. It follows along a part of the coast of ancient Lycia, starting in Fethiye, stretching almost all the way to Antalya. Our horse trail is near Fethiye. The history of ancient Lycia dates back to 1250 BC, and there are lots of ancient cities that have been kept intact to explore on horseback. An impressive sight. As you ride through the ancient cities and absorb the incredible history of the Lycian kingdom, ysou are surrounded by snow-capped mountains all around. Climbing the cities’ stoney mountain paths, you and your horse get to experience a bit of what life was like in Turkey thousands of years ago. After descending from the peaceful mountain ranges, you get to explore the ancient cities closer to the beach, and gallop along the Lycian coast.  

Horse and rider in front of the snow-capped mountains along the Lycian trail
In front of the snow-capped mountains along the Lycian trail

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The drive up to Scuol in Switzerland is impressive already. You drive along these beautiful windy roads, with little perception of how high you’re really climbing in a short time. Until you see snow! I literally pulled over the second I thought I saw snow, sprinted out of my car and went to touch it, and it really was snow. The views on the drive from Zurich are incredible, and then you arrive in Scuol, a fabulous mountain town. With panoramic views of the Silvretta mountain range, you drive into San Jon’s car park. On the other side, dozens of well-kept horses enjoying lush green grass in the middle of the mountain range - a true paradise. On our full day ride here, we got to enjoy one view after another of the impressive snow-capped mountains around us. It blew our minds every time we turned a corner. They offer incredible treks, short ones, full days and multi days through the mountains on horseback. 

Views of the Swiss countryside near Scuol
One of many incredible views on your horse ride in Switzerland

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If you need any help with finding the perfect horse riding destination, feel free to reach out and I will be happy to help you with information and your booking! Looking forward to riding with you around the globe. 

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