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What is Hooves Around The World

Hooves Around The World is a travel blog, combined with an equestrian travel agency. I write about all my adventures with horses around the world, and give you advice and info on riding, volunteering, and working with horses, along with personal stories.

Travel agent for horse riding holidays

Through Hooves Around The World, you can book your horse riding holiday. We have partners in Egypt, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Italy, and Lesotho. You can read the blogs about each location for more information, and you can contact me to make your booking.

Equestrian meet-ups around the world

Every year, the horsewomen that work for Hooves Around The World, and myself, travel to each of the above mentioned horse riding destinations. Here, we organise equestrian meet-ups where you can ride horses and connect with like minded people from around the world. Click here to read more about equestrian meet-ups.


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