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Exploring the stunning Serra d'Arga on horseback is an unparalleled experience offered by our customised programs. In partnership with specialized guides, we provide equestrian adventures tailored to all skill levels, from experienced riders to enthusiastic beginners. Participants have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Serra d'Arga, traversing panoramic trails that reveal the exuberance of the landscape and the rich biodiversity of the region.

Rider on brown horse in purple heather on mountaintop on clear day

Our customised programs extend beyond horseback riding, incorporating strategic stops that highlight local culture and offer moments of relaxation. Furthermore, we offer itinerary options that cater our riders' specific interests, whether it be the pursuit of more thrilling challenges or a preference for serene and contemplative rides.

We went to Portugal to try out this incredible horse riding holiday, and absolutely fell in love. Now you get to explore this paradise for yourself in 2024 or 2025! Sign up for this horse riding holiday here.

Horses at sunset on a hillside standing in green grass

DATES 2024

17 to 22 September - discovery ride, hosted by Hanna Rogers

DATES 2025

17 to 22 March
7 to 12 April
15 to 20 September

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Horses and riders on cobblestone road in a village

A Cavalo

We were welcomed with open arms when we arrived in Ponte de Lima, by the A Cavalo team. Filipe, Marta, Pedro, Claudia, and everyone else on the team were absolutely incredible, and made our trip one for the books! Pedro was our horseback guide on the ride, and he was great. He's a knowledgable guide with a love for his horses! He is currently practicing his English, but he's already coming along quite well. He also speaks some Spanish, so we were able to communicate quite well. In the evening we got to know Marta and Filipe over drinks and dinner. They've done an incredible job setting up the stunning accommodation and the horse stables.

A Cavalo, Portugal

The town of Ponte de Lima

Pedro and his girlfriend Claudia greeted us in Ponte de Lima at the start of our trip. They showed us the stunning town, we watched local dancers, ate great local food, and of course had a glass (or two) of win! The old buildings in Ponte de Lima, and the cobblestone streets are a beautiful sight. We also visited the international equestrian centre in Ponte de Lima, where countless shows are held every year. After a coffee break, we went to have a lovely lunch at the golf course near Ponte de Lima with Filipe and Marta. In the evening we went into Ponte de Lima again for tapas and drinks, and as always in Portugal (and Spain), the food was amazing!

Ponte de Lima, Portugal informational text

Horse riding holiday in Portugal: the itinerary

During our stay at A Cavalo, we only had time for one day of trail riding, which was incredible nonetheless. The next trip will be the full 6 day itinerary, and the first time we will be doing this, the trip will be hosted by Hanna. On our trail ride we got to see the stunning accommodation for the 6 day holiday, and the beautiful trails around it, surrounded by mountains. We didn't make it very far into the mountains during our ride, but we could even hear the wild Garrano horses calling in the distance! The panoramic views you get, both from horseback and from the accommodation and dreamy.

6 day itinerary horse riding holiday in portugal

During your stay, you will also have time to relax and use the amenities at Cerquido. Cerquido is the village nearby, and there you can make use of the jacuzzi, outdoor infinity pool, and unwind in the hammocks while admiring the view. We also got a chance during our stay to enjoy a nice bottle of champagne in the jacuzzi, a real treat!

Description of horse riding holiday in Portugal

During our ride, I got to ride Guapo, a lovely Lusitano horse with a sweet temperament. Kelley rode a horse called Gallo, who is a Garrano and Lusitano mix. The Garranos are the wild horses that live in the mountains (and which you might get to see from horseback), so they are super sure-footed and well-tempered! We rode through Cerquido village and along the camino de Santiago. This route had incredible views, and a few nice trots along the way to get the horses warmed up. We made our way to the church, where you will be sleeping during the 6 day horse riding holiday. There, the horses can graze in the garden right in front of your room! 

Horses by a pool
Pedro showing us (and the horses!) the accommodation for the 6 day holiday

After a lovely break at the church, we started making our way back to Cerquido. It was a stunning route, over wide dirt roads with incredible views. We had some very long and fast gallops while we admired the mountains around us. In between our exhilarating gallops, we stopped at a beautiful river flowing down the mountainside. And then, off we went again for more gallops!

shadow of a galloping horse on a mountainside

On this horse riding holiday you'll be covering a total of 61 kilometres! The terrain is varied, and you'll see all the highlights of this beautiful part of Portugal - nature and culture both!


You'll stay at a magical location during this trip. Quartéis de Santa Justa is surrounded by nature, and you get incredible views of the valley and rivers below. You might spot some cattle grazing just outside the walls as you admire the views. When we visited we unfortunately couldn't stay for the sunset, but we could imagine how incredible it must be. You can even see the Atlantic ocean from here!

Description of accommodation in Portugal

There are 2 dormitories, 1 with 3 single beds and a bathroom and the other with 4 single beds and a bathroom. There is also a guest toilet, a lounge and a fully equipped kitchen. You also have the option to upgrade to a suite with private bathroom, which costs 250 EU extra for the week.

Add-ons to your horse riding holiday

There are a few incredible experiences you can add to your trip to Portugal. You can have a wine tasting (a must-do when in Portugal I think!), you can also have a massage to relax between rides, go on a buggy tour in the mountains, or go canoeing on the river! 

Experiences on holiday in portugal

During our stay we also tried a dressage lesson. I rode a lovely 7 year old stallion called Navaho, and Kelley had a lesson on Parrita, a very sweet, 5 year old gelding. Almost all the horses are Lusitanos or Lusitano crosses. The dressage stables (in Ponte de Lima) are stunning. We had a look at all the horses, and were even showed the Portuguese braiding style on Parrita. We decided not to add dressage lessons to the itinerary, but you can add it to your trip if you'd like!

Dressage lesson

Check out the video below to see more of the incredible landscape that you get to ride through on this horse riding holiday.

Important information about your horse riding holiday in Portugal


1500 EU including meals, drinks during meals, accommodation, horses, group transfer from Porto Airport (1 hour drive).
Not including: flights to Porto, travel insurance, drinks outside of meals.


4 to 8 riders per trip
Weight limit 100 kg
All riding levels welcome, the group will be split up into smaller groups so everyone can ride at their preferred pace.
Airport: Porto, Portugal
Group transfer from Porto airport to A Cavalo is at 1PM.

Conditions for horse riding holiday in Portugal

Contact us if you have any questions or sign up for this horse riding holiday in Portugal here!

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