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Riding Criollo stallions through the Mexican highlands truly feels like your childhood dream of being in the movie Spirit has finally come true. At Rancho Las Cascadas, just a short drive from Mexico City, they make your horse riding holiday dreams a reality! Breathtaking scenery on forward going horses, professional, knowledgeable and friendly trail guides, fantastic accommodation and mouth watering meals. In this post I will be telling you all about the horses, staff, rides, accommodation and more about the ranch. Of course also keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive discount code at the end of this blog post!

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Trail rides on Criollo horses through the Mexican highlands

The rides, horses and scenery are absolutely fantastic. With over 30 unique trails going out from the ranch, you’ll have different views and landscapes every day. The horses are incredibly well trained and the guides are so much fun to ride with and such talented horse men! 

The horses at the ranch

During my 8 day stay at the ranch, I had the pleasure of riding appy gelding Capricho almost every day, and I rode chestnut stallion Gigolo for one of the day rides to give Capricho a rest. All the horses at the ranch are very well trained and a pleasure to ride, but on day one I immediately clicked with Capricho and therefore stayed with him the whole week! The guides and staff really help you find your perfect horse. On day one, they will choose a horse for you based on the riding experience you have. By the way, they have horses for every type of rider! From nervous to confident and from thrill seeker to never having trotted before. If you don’t really match with your horse on day one or would just like to try another one, you can switch as many times as you’d like to find your very own Spirit!

Horse riding on a dirt road in mexico to a church in the mountains
On a full day ride! 

The professional trail guides

Alejandro and Pedro do an absolutely fantastic job guiding the horseback rides from the ranch. They are knowledgeable and you’ll definitely feel safe with such skilled riders! They know the area incredibly well and know exactly where the good canter spots are. Most importantly, they really have a heart for horses and their wellbeing. You’ll have an insane amount of fun riding with these guys. 

Three riders riding horses in the street in mexico
Going out on a ride with Alejandro and Pedro!

The accommodation and facilities at the ranch

Accommodation at the ranch has a very local feel and the amenities include an infinity pool, yoga, a hot tub and so much more. The perfect place to wind down and relax after a scenic ride through the fields and surrounding mountains.

Accommodation at Rancho Las Cascadas

The rooms at the ranch are rustic and very spacious, with a large bathroom and big comfortable beds. There are rooms in the main building close to the kitchen and bar, and there are rooms further on the ranch, close to the horses. We stayed quite close to the horses and it was lovely waking up and having a view of the horses grazing in the paddock. You’ll find everything you need in the room and the fantastic staff is always happy to help with extra blankets if you do get cold at night! 

horse riding in colourful village in mexico
Lots of riding through the colourful villages.

Facilities and activities 

The amount of facilities and activities make Rancho Las Cascadas an ideal holiday destination for non riders too. Besides the fact that beginners are able to join rides, they will also definitely not be bored at the ranch! Let’s start with the jacuzzi and infinity pool, which are fantastic to enjoy a delicious cocktail in after a long ride. For non riders, they can dip into the jacuzzi after a great yoga session. The view of the waterfall is always magnificent and you can witness it from the lunch table, yoga space and jacuzzi. There are lots of lounge chairs looking over the waterfall, the perfect spot to relax and read a good book. You can find lots of books in different languages inside the main building lounge, so you don’t even have to bring your own! If you’re sore or if you’d just like to relax a little bit more, the ranch offers a wide range of different massages, manicures and pedicures, and other spa treatments to pamper yourself with. Besides, you can also enjoy a session in the traditional sauna on the ranch. 

Activities to replace and add to horse riding are hiking and mountain biking, as it allows you to also see the breathtaking views that the riders get to see! Riders can of course also go hiking and mountain biking in the area, just let the helpful staff know and they will do their best to accommodate you! Lastly, make sure to ask the ranch about their fantastic day trips to San Miguel and more. Don't forget that the ranch is only an hour and a half by car from Mexico City!

Horse riding through a flower field in mexico
These flower fields are also stunning to hike through!

Book your horse riding holiday with a discount

YES! You can use the code HATW5 for your booking to grab a 5% discount on your entire trip to Rancho Las Cascadas. You can find more information and contact the ranch here. Price for an 8 day stay at the ranch is 2690 USD, or 330 USD per day. The price includes accommodation, unlimited horse riding, all meals, open bar at the ranch, all amenities and complementary activities. It excludes optional massages, day trips and other extras, your flight, tips, insurance and airport transfers. Last but not least, be sure to check out Rancho Las Cascadas’ instagram for lots of pictures and videos. To get an impression of the 8 day holiday at the ranch, have a look at the highlight called Mexico on my instagram page. If you would like more information, have more questions or if you would like to chat to me about riding in Mexico close to Mexico city, please contact me and I’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions. 

horse riding in local mexican village next to a church
Riding into the village for a refreshing beer!

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