Packing list for a horse riding holiday in Mexico


Are you coming to join us on one of our amazing horse riding meet-ups in Mexico? Have you booked your own horse riding holiday at the incredible Rancho Las Cascadas? You might be wondering what to pack for your trip. Keep reading to find out what the perfect packing list is for an equestrian trip in Mexico!

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Horse riding holiday at Rancho Las Cascadas in Mexico

Packing essentials for a horse riding adventure in the Mexican highlands

The temperatures in the stunning Mexican highlands are quite stable throughout the year. The daytime temperature is between 22 and 27 degrees celsius year-round. May is the warmest, with 27 degrees celsius during the day on average, and 14 degrees celsius at night. December is the coldest month of the year, with an average of 22 degrees celsius during the day, and 6 degrees at night. This climate makes Rancho Las Cascadas’ location perfect for horse riding adventures all year long! June to September are wetter months, with 9 to 21 days per month of rainfall, usually in the (late) afternoon. The rest of the year is dry, and with clear skies. During the rainy season everything becomes beautifully green and the incredible fields of wildflowers bloom, so every season has something special.

Horse riding holiday at Rancho Las Cascadas, Mexico
We had one or two fresh days during our meet-up this year, but the flowers were in full bloom so it was certainly worth it!

Due to this area being about two thousand meters above sea level, the sun is very strong, so be sure to take sunscreen with a high SPF factor, and moisturiser. Make sure to also pack some long sleeves, such as these blouses by Jessie Kidden to protect your arms from the sun during the trail rides. 

Make sure to pack a light raincoat if you’re traveling in the wetter months of the year in Hidalgo, Mexico. I wouldn’t recommend getting a full rain suit as temperatures will still be quite high throughout the year and you’ll get uncomfortably sweaty on horseback. I do recommend bringing rain legs, which protect you from the rain, but don’t cover your entire lower body.

Also beware that if you’re going to continue your travels in Mexico after your horse riding holiday, that temperatures throughout the country vary significantly. For example, Cancun will on average be about 10 degrees hotter than the Mexican Highlands. 

Horse riding holiday at Rancho Las Cascadas, Mexico

Make sure to bring your bathing suit. You most certainly will want to hang out in the jacuzzi and pool during your stay! 

You'll also want to bring an adapter if you're not from the US. They do also have USB outlets in the bar where you can charge your phone, so don't worry if you've forgotten your adaptor. They also have a generator, so if the electricity goes out, the generator will switch on pretty quickly! They also provide wi-fi at the ranch, which works perfectly but can be a bit temperamental if the power goes out, and switches to the generator.

Towels for showering, and separate towels for the pool and jacuzzi are provided, and you even get a cozy bathrobe in your room!

Mosquitos are rare due to the altitude, but you might want to bring some bug repellant just in case you do continue your travels elsewhere.

Due to the type of saddles you'll be riding in I highly recommend wearing jeans instead of breeches, such as these by Wrangler.

Horse riding holiday at Rancho Las Cascadas in Mexico

Local currency and credit cards

If you aren’t using Wise yet, make an account here. Besides getting the benefit of cheap online transfers between currencies, you can also apply for a card from Wise so that you can make card payments in the local currency. You can pay for your stay through Wise too, which will save you loads of money on transfer fees. You can pay in certain shops in Mexico city with American Express (use the link to get twenty thousand extra miles!) so you can earn miles! Always make sure to take a little bit of cash with you as well in case you want to buy some things at the markets, and drinks during the stops on trail.

Horse riding in Mexico at Rancho Las Cascadas
River crossings during last year's meet-up

Footwear for your trail riding holiday

The saddles are all Charro saddles, similar to western saddles, with wide stirrups, so I recommend hiking shoes with a heel or cowboy boots for your trail rides. There are also lovely hikes around the ranch, which the staff is happy to tell you all about. So if you’re planning on hiking during your stay, definitely make sure to bring your hiking boots.

Saddle bags

They have lovely saddlebags, so you can take your water bottles and any other essentials with you on the horse rides. I do recommend bringing a phone cord and/or a fanny pack for your phone so you can take fantastic photos. 

Horse riding holiday in Mexico at Rancho Las Cascadas
The saddle bags we'll use during our horse riding adventures

Horse riding helmet

Helmets are not compulsory, and I always ride without a helmet in Mexico. However, you can of course choose to ride with one, whatever makes you feel comfortable! You can borrow one at the ranch, but I recommend bringing your own for ultimate comfort. You can get a cheap and easy to clean helmet by Troxel if you don’t want to bring your own from home. If you want to ride with a cowboy hat, you can buy or borrow them from the tack room at the ranch, or stop by one of the many western shops in Mexico City before heading over to the ranch.

Filming equipment

During the meet-ups I’ll do lots and lots of filming, and we can ride away from the group every once in a while so that everyone can get their own canter and gallop videos. If you’re coming on a horse riding holiday in Mexico on another date, you should definitely bring a phone cord so you can quickly grab it when you need it. Besides that, you could bring a gimbal, or even a GoPro. A drone would be incredible here due to the wide open fields you’ll be galloping over. 

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