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While on a 9 day road trip through Switzerland, Austria and Poland, I found a lovely trail riding place in the Polish countryside which I will tell you all about in this blog post. You will find out all about the Tinker (or Irish Cob) horses they keep, what they offer at the farm in terms of riding and accommodation, the landscape of south west Poland and options for multi-day rides.

Tinker irish cob horse in the forest in poland on a horse riding trek
On a Tinker in Poland!

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Horse riding in Poland on Tinker horses

Jaskółka is an old renovated farm in the South West of Poland. It’s in a small and beautiful village called Marczów and situated in a stunning nature reserve. They are a Tinker stud farm with currently around 50 to 60 Tinkers. Their beautiful Tinker stallions are registered in the Tinker Dutch Studbook and they offer horses for sale and covering with their stallions. The breed is well known for being strong and reliable. Tinkers have been in very high demand lately due to their amazingly calm character, they make for fantastic trail horses and some do very well in dressage. They also do incredibly well as carriage horses. The breed has very dreamy manes, tails and socks and I personally think they are very pretty horses to see, especially surrounded by nature and with the sun shining through their long mane.

Tinker irish cob horse stallion at a farm in Poland
One of the stallions at the farm.

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The rides offered by Jaskolka in Poland

They offer several guided rides at the farm, including lessons in the arena for beginners. Tinkers are very well suited for beginners or insecure riders as they are so relaxed. Trail rides are possible from 1 up to 6 hours long. I did the 4 hour ride on a great horse called Dalton, a 6 years old Tinker gelding, very calm and completely bombproof, but still quite forward going and happy to go for canters! My guide Natasha was guiding on another Tinker called Brad and I had an absolutely lovely time. Natasha is very knowledgeable about the Tinker breed and the area and was able to answer my (many) questions. We had a lunch break at a stunning palace halfway through the ride. I was able to go around and explore the palace and old castle and got some ice cream from the cute shop inside the palace. I really enjoyed the ride and can definitely recommend it. If you choose to go on a longer ride, you’ll have more breaks.

I was pleasantly surprised by the landscape during the ride. We went from riding through deep beautiful forests out into massive fields for long canters. The varying landscape also allows for quite a few long trots and canters. You get some breathtaking views during the ride, especially when riding at the edge of the dense forest.

Tinker irish cob horse grazing in poland
Horses grazing while on break at the palace.

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Overnight rides with the Tinker horses

They also offer accommodation and multi day and overnight rides at the farm. Accommodation is either cottages or camping. The treks are available from 3 days and 5 nights up to 5 days and 7 nights! The first full day, the staff will match you with a suitable horse and you go for a short ride at the farm. Only experienced riders are able to go on the treks and the groups are small with a maximum of 8 riders. On these longer rides you will pass through villages, by churches and you will be able to see the breathtaking views. While riding through the stunning nature Poland has to offer, you might be able to spot some wildlife such as foxes, deer and boar and you’ll definitely spot a good amount of birds. The tours are very reasonably priced, starting at 495 eu for 3 days, and going up to 695 eu for 5 days. Needless to say, I’ll be back at Jaskółka soon for one of their treks!

More information about the multi day rides can be found here, and more information about the farm and accommodation here.

Have a look on this website to find more fantastic horse riding holidays in Poland.

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