The top destinations to explore deserts and beaches on horseback 

In the last blog I wrote for this new blog post series, we discussed the top destinations to experience mountains on horseback. In this post I will tell you all about the best destinations to see lots and lots of sand! Keep reading to find out where to go for the most incredible beach and desert riding in the world. 

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Galloping through the desert of Luxor, Egypt

The desert outside of Luxor is incredible to see. It’s surrounded by mountains, just outside of the vibrant city, and in the morning you can see hundreds of hot air balloons soaring through the sky. It’s absolutely magical to ride horses here. Especially with a local Egyptian, Nobi, and amazingly cared for horses. You can read all about our gallops through the desert in Egypt and more about our ride in Luxor here. In the blog about Luxor you can also read about the add-on to ride horses the beach in Hurghada!

Horse and rider galloping through the desert outside Luxor in Egypt
Photo by Marleen Boersma

Wild and free Arabian stallion in Essaouira, Morocco

Arabian stallions galloping freely on the beach, tackless horses running flat out with a person along for the ride, excited jumps as horses blast off into a galloping race. You have probably seen these videos come by on Instagram, and you can experience this too! Yassine hosts horse rides, from one hour up to a few days long on the beach in Essaouira, you can contact him on instagram to experience it, or contact me and I will help you with your booking! You can read all about riding with Yassine Cavalier here. 

Stallion Ginger from Yassine Cavalier galloping on the beach
Myself galloping the famous stallion Ginger in Essaouira
Photo by Yassine Cavalier

Along the Wild Coast of South Africa in a gallop

The Wild coast in South Africa is one of a kind. Large, stretched out beaches, a unique ecosystem and like the name says, very wild. Well-trained and energetic horses carry you through rivers, on top of cliff sides, and over the beach. There are a few different rides you can do on the Wild coast, from a full day up to 8 days of horseback riding! Feel free to contact me for more information, or book your 8 day adventurous trail here. This location is also included in the Ultimate South African Horse Riding Adventure!  

horse and rider galloping on the beach of the wild coast in south africa
Tony Marshall galloping along the Wild Coast

Historical beaches for fast horse riding in Turkey

The Lycian way ride by Hooves Around The World also includes riding Arabian horses on the Lycian beach near Fethiye. These stunning Arabian mares are extremely fit and you can gallop them for ages, it’s an amazing feeling! You can read more about galloping on the Turkish beach here.

Horse and rider on a cliffside near Fethiye, Turkey on the Lycian Way
The incredible Lycian coast, a quick picture before galloping over the beach on the other side!
Photo by Zeki

Wide open beach in the Netherlands

The Netherlands boasts some of the widest beaches in the world, with an extremely big difference between high and low tides. This makes the Dutch beaches some of the most awesome and also safest to gallop on. You have lots of space and if you don’t go in the middle of summer, you are likely to not see any other people on the beach. Read more about riding horses on the beach in the Netherlands here. 

Friesian horses in the forest in the Netherlands
Making our way through the forest to the beach!

Explore the coast of Southern France on Camargue horses

A few years ago, my friend and regular guest writer for Hooves Around The World, Stine and I went on a road trip. On the trip we also stopped in Camargue, France. We had the pleasure of doing a lovely beach ride on hard sand and speedy and sturdy white Camargue ponies. It was a blast! The nature was beautiful and the gallops were fast, what more do you need?! Read all about horse riding in France here.

Camargue horses on the beach
Camargue horses on the beach!

If you need any help with finding the perfect horse riding destination, feel free to reach out and I will be happy to help you with information and your booking! Looking forward to riding with you around the globe. You can book all these rides here.

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