Where to go horse riding for Christmas

What could possibly be better than spending the Christmas and New Years season surrounded by horses? There are quite a few places worldwide that offer horse riding holidays, other activities with horses, and daily trail rides during the Christmas holidays. In this blog post I’ll tell you all about the best places around the world to spend Christmas with horses and fellow equestrians, whether you’re looking to escape the cold, or ride around in the snowy mountains. 

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Horse in the snow
Photo by Sheila Swayze on Unsplash

Christmas on horseback in Switzerland

San Jon is the definition of holiday cheer this time of year. Here, you can go trail riding in the snow on stunning Freiberger horses. They organise carriage and sleigh rides, and their beautiful western saloon is super cosy. Combine this with an evening of fondue and mulled wine, and I don’t think it can get any more festive for us equestrians! From San Jon, you can even go skiing, and the lovely staff will organise all the logistics for you. Read more about San Jon here.

Scuol in winter
The mountains around San Jon, Scuol in winter
Photo by Nolan Di Meo on Unsplash

Trail ride on Friesian horses on a Dutch island in winter

If you are looking to explore nature on stunning Friesian horses, make sure to check out Puur Terschelling. They organise beach and forest trail rides for beginners to advanced riders, and even sleigh rides where the Friesians pull you through the snow in winter! The perfect way to celebrate the Christmas season with horses. 

Photo by Puur Terschelling

Celebrate the festive season with horses in the UK

In England, you can go horse riding on the beach in Holkham, Norfolk. You can either bring your own horse, or if that’s not an option for you, go ahead and read the blog post about horse riding in Holkham to find out more! It’ll be cold, but you’ll certainly have the wide open beaches to yourself to gallop around. 

Horse riding on Holkham beach

Discover the French Pyrenees on horseback during this festive horse riding holiday

During this 8 day horse riding holiday in the French Pyrenees, they make sure you have an extremely festive week! This is a special itinerary, made for Christmas time. You’ll do two trail rides every day, except on Christmas day and boxing day. On Christmas day you’ll enjoy a very festive morning ride, with decorated ponies! On boxing day you’ll also do one trail ride, and enjoy some lovely mince pies of course. You’ll also certainly get into the festive vibes with the pre-christmas party, including a festive dinner, carols and games. 

French Pyrenees
Photo by Fernando Puente on Unsplash

Escape the cold winter to ride Criollo horses in Mexico

Our lovely partners Rancho Las Cascadas are open year round, and the temperatures here are fantastic in December. Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in true cowgirl style, while galloping across the plains on Criollo stallions. 

Horse riding in Mexico at Rancho Las Cascadas

Head into Patagonia on horseback and enjoy warm, sunny days

Argentina is the perfect place to be if you’re looking to escape winter, and enjoy long trail rides through the mountains while the sun shines. Here, we sleep under the stars, ride horses for most of the day, and explore stunning mountain ranges, hot springs and waterfalls. It’s the equestrian dream to celebrate a warm Christmas this way I believe! Click here to learn more about our cattle drive through Patagonia.

Horse riding in argentina
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