Horse riding in Argentina


Slowly but surely, we’re getting closer to the departure date for our first equestrian meet-up in Argentina. Here, we’ll be riding horses through a fantastic area of Patagonia, sleeping under the stars, and herding hundreds of heads of cattle through a remote area to their summer pastures. December is the first month of summer in this unique country, and there are still some spots available on this horse riding holiday. Keep reading to learn more!

The trail riding during your horse riding holiday in Patagonia

To get the best idea of the horseback riding we’ll be doing, make sure to read the itinerary for the Argentinean cattle drive. With 6 riding days, 5 nights of camping and 2 nights at the beautiful Estancia in the midst of the stunning mountainous area of Patagonia, this horse trek really is something unique. The trail guides are local gauchos who will guide you on horseback through one of the most remote areas in the world, and most of where we’ll be riding is only accessible on foot or by horse. Some parts are not even accessible by foot, but only on horseback! 

Horse riding holiday Argentina, Patagonia

The criollo horses in Argentina

The area where we ride, called the Pampas, is also where the criollo horse, which we’ll be riding, is originally from. They are stocky and compact horses, and despite being quite small at 14 hands, they are incredibly strong and have fantastic endurance. The criollo horse really is the perfect companion for a horse riding trail through Patagonia. The famous ride from Buenos Aires to New York, undertaken by Aimé Félix Tschiffely, was also done on criollo horses, which is an excellent example of the incredible stamina this breed has. They are great with cattle too, and the horses at the Estancia are very well trained to work with the hundreds of heads of cattle we’ll be herding through the country. 

Criollo horse in the field
Criollo horse in a field
Photo by Soledad Lorieto on Unsplash

Why Patagonia, Argentina is one of the best locations for equestrian holidays

Well, I’ve already told you that the fantastic criollo horse is from this area, which is most certainly a plus. Also, this place is simply a dream for any equestrian that loves long distance trail riding and mountains. The horse riding holiday is incredibly authentic, from the horses to the food to the staff. Hooves Around The World works directly with the locals to provide the best experience, and that’s why it’s one of the best horse riding tours in Argentina, and for a decent price! The vastness and remoteness of the country provides a surreal experience, and the sunsets and sunrises over the impressive Andes are a sight any horse rider just has to see.

Horseback riding tour in Patagonia
Camping by hot springs during the ride

Join us on a meet-up on horseback in Argentina

The upcoming meet-up in December will also be my first time visiting Argentina, and I am absolutely thrilled. The local owners of the estancia have been keeping me up to date on all the goings on at the farm, and sending pictures and videos of the incredible trails, horses and views that are waiting for us. If you want to join us on this equestrian dream in Patagonia, definitely reach out to me. This horse riding holiday costs 2495 USD. You can read about what’s included in this price here. You can find more info about the cattle drives taking place next year here. These will be hosted by our very own Hanna, in March 2023.

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