The best Hooves Around The World rides for thrill seeking horse lovers

Many of us horse lovers dream of galloping over the beaches in Morocco, and riding with wildlife down in Africa. With Hooves Around the World, you get the chance to choose from lots of different rides, with all rides having their own unique qualities. Whether you love adventure and off the grid horse trails, or you’re a beginner looking to get better at riding, a wildlife lover or a thrill seeker, there is a ride for you. In the next few blogs, I’ll be going over which rides will suit you best depending on what exactly you’re looking for. In this blog: fast-paced, exhilarating rides for thrill seekers!

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Essaouira, Morocco

If you are a horse lover and have an instagram account, I’m sure you must have seen the videos of Yassine Cavalier. You also might have even read my blog post about riding with Yassine in Essaouira. He has incredible Arab stallions, and here you’ll be galloping on Essaouira’s beaches in Morocco as the sun sets behind you. Yassine offers multiple exhilarating rides here, there are sunset rides from one to two hours long, and even a full day ride with about four hours in the saddle. You also get the option to pay a small extra fee to get a few videos of you riding flat out on the beach. They also offer multi-day trails of 3 or 4 days where you really get to experience the surrounding nature, sleep in tents, cook food on the fire and spend up to seven hours in the saddle every day. Riding horses on these beaches is one of the most thrilling, fast paced rides around the world. If you need any help with your booking with Yassine, do not hesitate to contact me. Looking for horses with spice and speed? Ask for Ginger or Simba!

galloping horse and rider on sunset ride on essaouira beach
Sunset gallop on the Essaouira beach

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Highlands, Mexico

In Mexico, there is a stunning ranch where guests have the opportunity to ride local criollo, azteca and quarter horses, and explore the local Mexican highlands. Flat out, high speed gallops across wide open country on horses that love galloping more than anything else. Every time you and your horse hit those plains it’s time to go! Alejandro and Pedro are fantastic riders and will be taking you on most of your rides, they truly love taking adventure riders who like speed on exhilarating rides through the countryside. Besides this place being perfect for speed-lovers, it also is a place that’s perfect for those who want to learn to ride better. The ranch has a few amazing horses that are perfect for beginners and intermediate riders, and even for people that have never even touched a horse before! The environment you’re riding horses in is safe and the guides will help you through everything. Groups are always split up according to riding experience and therefore everyone is able to enjoy the ride the way they like. If you’re feeling sore or have a muscle ache after a ride, no worries. There is a jacuzzi and swimming pool for you to relax in, this goes for us experienced riders too of course! If you’re an experienced rider and would love to ride an incredibly fast criollo stallion - ask for the magnificent Allegro! 

horses racing in mexico at rancho las cascadas
Spotty stallion Allegro gearing up to leave Magnus in the dust!

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Wild Coast, South Africa

Here, down at the south coast in South Africa, in a unique ecosystem boasted by the Wild Coast, you’ll be riding over endless beaches and stunning clifftops. At 62 kilometres an hour, this is the perfect beach ride for thrill seekers. The beaches are almost endless and there is no one to see anywhere, just you and your horse, and the other adventure riders! This ride lasts a week and during that week there is even a gallop of a full kilometre where the goal is to pass the guide, what a dream! You’ll sleep in beautiful boutique hotels every night before heading out onto the Wild Coast again for your thrilling beach rides, and impressive river crossings. If you’re looking for a super well trained and stunning little mare with lots of power - ask for Tennessee! 

You can book this incredible ride here. 
Or join us on the Ultimate South African experience. 

horses and riders racing on the beach on the wildcoast south africa
Let's race!
Photo by Tony Marshall

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Imire, Zimbabwe

This is what heaven looks like, however it does not entail any galloping as you are on a big game reserve. This means you’ll be riding in between cheetahs, rhinos, elephants and other big animals. The riding is fast-paced as there is quite a bit of trotting and cantering, but because you’re riding with dangerous, unpredictable animals, there are no flat out gallops ever. That being said, it is definitely a thrilling and exhilarating ride for sure! The wildlife really adds another couple of layers to your horse riding experience. Having the opportunity to see big and dangerous game up so close from the back of a horse under guidance of incredibly experienced people is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. At Imire, the goal for guests is to participate in anti rhino poaching and other conservation efforts from the back of a horse, and learn more about Imires efforts. I won’t spoil any more, this is something everyone needs to experience at least once in their lives. Do you want to ride a super cute, brave and curious young mare - ask for Lundi! 

horse riding volunteer program in imire zimbabwe
Dindo (left) and Lundi (right) riding into the sunrise in Zimbabwe
Photo by Judy Travers

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Please do not hesitate to contact me here or on instagram with any questions you might have or if you would like help with your booking. I am more than happy to find the perfect ride for you anywhere around the world! 

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