The best Hooves Around The World rides for culture and nature lovers

This is the last part of the three part blog post series about the best rides for thrill seekers, beginners and culture lovers. In this third and last blog post I’ll discuss the perfect horse riding holidays for culture and nature lovers, and including a bonus recce ride too! The best way to experience a country’s culture is on the back of a horse, so stay tuned to hear about the incredible cultural experiences you can have while horse riding around the world.  

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Luxor, Egypt

Valley of the Kings with over 60 tombs of past Pharaohs, Luxor temple, Hatshepsut temple, Karnak, Colossi of Memnon, the great temple of Amun. These are some of the most ancient architectural sites in the world. Ride one of Nobi’s incredibly well trained and cared for Arabian mares through all of these sites and past temples that are thousands and thousands of years old. Here you spend an incredible week in Luxor, famous for being the largest outdoor museum and cultural heritage site. Ride through the banana plantations and wheat fields, completely alone with your horse except for the occasional local, working in their field, or a donkey and carriage passing by. To arrive in these beautiful natural areas, you have to ride a short stretch though Luxor itself, with lots of carriages passing by, and scooters with massive loads of locally farmed goods on it. An amazing sight to see. Nobi’s rides lead you to stunning ruins, the desert, temples and mountains. The sunset and sunrise rides were something I had never experienced before and it is the ultimate horse riding and culture combination. On the sunrise ride you even ride through a wide open area where almost one hundred hot air balloons take off into the sky. As you ride below the hot air balloons, the dawn creates a spectacular view of the glowing balloons against the dark background of the sky. 

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horses and riders in luxor egypt watching the hot air balloons taking off during sunrise

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Imire, Zimbabwe

Everyone that reads the blogs on this website regularly knows by now that I absolutely love this place. Imire’s volunteer experience in Zimbabwe has been mentioned in each of this three part blog post series. You can read more about Imire in the other two parts of this series and in the blog post about horse riding in Zimbabwe. This volunteer program at Imire truly is the ultimate combination of culture, nature and horses. In the middle of a protected conservation area in Zimbabwe, you experience the Zimbabwean wildlife and bush at its best from the back of your horse. You ride with lots of wildlife and learn about the local flora from Judy Travers, who grew up on the reserve and is the owner of Imire. The trees here are hundreds of years old and have lives through fires and even wars. This place feels archaic as you climb the rock formation called Castle Kopje where archaeologists have done incredible findings that you can now view in a museum in Harare. As part of the volunteer program you discover the local communities by car and on foot and chat to all the people that live close to the reserve. You learn about Shona culture and get to experience it. You will be invited into Shona people’s houses to have lunch, make peanut butter and learn about customs. A truly amazing experience.

two imire volunteers in zimbabwe at sunset
Sunset at Castle Kopje

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Bonus: recce ride to Mongolia

This ride has not gone out with Hooves Around The World yet, but it will this year in July! We’re going to be camping out with the horses along a beautiful ten day trail around a black lake. Completely in the middle of nowhere. Riding the local Mongol ponies out in Mongolia’s stretched out nature is truly a horse rider's dream come true. There are six more spots available to book, and we’ll be a group of 10 riders total! So if you’re up for an adventure and explore Mongolia’s nature from horseback with Hooves Around The World, make sure to send me a message. 

A sneak peak of the ride to Mongolia!

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Are you looking for a specific horse riding holiday that is not part of the Hooves Around The World rides? Or would you like to combine several experiences? Or do you want to go on one of the horse trails but change the itinerary? Please send me an email, I’m more than happy to help you find or create the perfect horse riding vacation. Hooves Around The World has connections to over 50 horse riding holiday companies around the world so we will definitely find the dream destination for you. 

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