The best Hooves Around The World rides for beginners, nervous, and intermediate riders

In this 3 part blog post series, we have already discussed the perfect Hooves Around The World rides for thrill seeking horse lovers. In part 2 I’ll go over all rides that are perfect for riders that are not very advanced yet, complete beginners and riders that are a bit nervous. 

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Patagonia, Argentina

Intermediate riders are more than welcome on this trip! You might have a bit of a sore bum after, but it’s all worth it. In Argentina we do a cattle drive with up to one thousand head of Angus cattle. During this ride, we cross through parts of Patagonia, with stunning views. On reliable horses, the week-long trail leads intermediate and experienced riders past incredible camping spots by waterfalls and hot springs to swim in. After a few days of herding cattle past beautiful places up to their summer fields or down to the ranch for the winter, we ride further without the cattle. The rest of the week you enjoy fantastic trail rides. The terrain and horses are well suited for intermediate riders and you’ll learn lots of new riding skills as you ride with the fantastic Argentine gauchos. 

horses and riders on  trail in patagonia argentina
Riding through the stunning landscape of Patagonia, Argentina

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Highlands, Mexico

Yes, this ride was also listed in the thrill seekers blog post, however it’s perfect for beginners and even for first timers. At the Rancho in Mexico they have a couple of horses that are perfect for first timers, beginners and nervous riders. These horses are super well trained and very reliable. They don’t get spooked by anything and take amazing care of their riders. First timers even get the chance to canter on these horses! That’s not something you find in a lot of places. Beginners or slow rides are always separate from experienced rides so everyone can ride at their preferred pace. Another great feature of this Rancho is the jacuzzi and the bar. They serve incredible cocktails you are welcome to enjoy in the jacuzzi that looks out on the waterfall right on the property. Isn’t that the perfect way to relax after a long day of riding? 

horse and rider in the mexican highlands with rancho las cascadas
Myself riding the fabulous stallion Gigolo! He's perfect for first timers and beginners.

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Andalucia, Spain

In Andalucia, in the middle of stunning vineyards, just a short drive from Malaga, there is a stunning stable owned by Darren and Sarah from the UK. They are lovely hosts and Darren takes intermediate and experienced riders for outrides in the beautiful surroundings. It’s a small stable with fantastic Spanish horses for you to ride. If you are not an intermediate rider yet, they also offer lessons, given by Darren himself. Darren used to be a professional jockey before starting this luxury horse riding holiday stable. He teaches first timers who are wanting to get into horses, beginners and intermediate riders who want to learn some new skills!

three horses and two riders in between the vineyards in southern spain
Looking at us through the white(ish) horses is Farrah! She's the perfect outride horse for intermediate riders.

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Bonus trip: Zimbabwe

The incredible volunteer experience in Zimbabwe was also mentioned in the list perfect for thrill seekers. However, they also offer a separate program, all about rhino and wildlife conservation and with a lot less horses. They call this a volunteer program but it truly is a learning experience. You get to sleep in beautiful shared accommodation and interact with lots of wildlife such as rhinos and elephants. All while learning about Imire’s conservation efforts. The regular non-rider program is perfect for bringing your friends along that are not necessarily interested in learning to ride very intensively. They will be able to join one ride a week on Saturday morning, a beautiful and relaxed walking horse riding through Imire’s conservation area. Here, first timers get to see all sorts of wildlife from horseback, a beautiful sight as some of you might already know! The rest of the week, non-riders participate in the regular volunteer program and its activities.

volunteers with mac the elephant at imire
Walking with the elephants is one of the activities of the regular volunteer program.

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