Planning, booking and paying for your horse riding holiday abroad

It can be quite a challenge to book your first trip to a far away country. Even after already having done several trips abroad, finding out how to book and plan everything differs in lots of countries. Whether you’re planning to go on a horse riding holiday, booking add ons to your horse riding holiday or just planning general travel to another country. In this blog post I’ll provide you with helpful tips, links and booking websites to help you plan your trip. You’ll find out how to find the cheapest flights, accommodation, attractions and day trips, and how to keep transfer fees to other countries low. Also, how to find the best activities, both horse riding and others. Let’s start! 

This article contains links, some of which are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of my links, I earn a commission which allows me to fund this blog. I only post links of products and services I have used and enjoyed and that have truly benefited me on my travels.

Before we get into the details of flights, accommodation and other helpful tips and tricks, make sure to look at my book my horse riding trip page for a once in a lifetime horse riding holiday or the perfect place to volunteer with wild animals in Africa. If you book through one of these links, besides receiving an exclusive discount code, you’ll also be sure of a stress free horse riding holiday. Almost all of these trips are all inclusive and the super friendly staff is very helpful in answering all your questions and will definitely be able to help you sort out transport and any add ons you might want. 

Booking cheap flights abroad and finding amazing accommodation

To book the cheapest flights, use Skyscanner. Skyscanner helps you by searching through all different airlines and providing you with the cheapest ticket options. They also give you the real price of your ticket, so there are no hidden costs at check out. gives you a clear overview of available dates and which dates are cheap. It allows you to search for specific districts within cities and based on property types, star rating and guest reviews. Of course it also allows you to find the exact facilities and options you are looking for!

If you are traveling in the US and would like to use an RV for transport and accommodation, I highly recommend having a look here! Besides renting an RV, this website also allows you to rent out your own RV while you're traveling abroad to earn some extra income. You can list your RV here.

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Activities, day trips and other attractions

Just in case your dream horse riding holiday is not included in the Hooves Around The World trips on this website, have a look here. This website offers all kinds of horse riding holidays and experiences, from budget, to the perfect holidays for solo travellers. For more advice and info on horse riding holidays for solo travellers, also have a look here. This website called Tripaneer offers loads more horse riding holidays, retreats and working holidays with horses too, almost 500 options in total. You’re able to select your favourite holiday based on discipline or riding style, destination, duration, and all kinds of other categories. There are over 25 categories and they include mountain riding in over 30 different countries, horse riding holidays for beginners, ranch holidays, and so much more

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Finances during your horse riding vacation

It can be difficult to find a cheap and efficient way to pay for your horse riding holiday, accommodation or any other activities as it usually is quite pricey to make a transfer from one country or even continent to another. I personally always use Wise, so have a look here! If you make an account through this link you’ll even get a discount on your transfer fees of your first transfer, on top of Wise already having one of the best exchange rates and being an average of 8 times cheaper than regular bank transfers. 

It’s also always a great idea to sign up for any frequent flying program, I personally am a frequent flyer with Flying Blue, which includes KLM, AirFrance and many more international airlines. This frequent flyer program allows you to save up miles while traveling and it works together with credit card companies as well so you can save miles when you’re shopping for groceries. This way, I’ve been able to save a lot of money on flights, hotels and even gadgets. Have a look here to find out more or to make an account!

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