How to get into horse riding: a generally closed off community

During my horse riding travels in Turkey, I had the opportunity to watch and help with a weekend catered to beginners and first timers. I spoke to several people there who are all adults wanting to learn how to ride and take care of horses. Unfortunately, lots of them had the same question for me: where can I find a nice and friendly place to learn? They had some negative experiences in trying to find a place where they could learn about horses and riding, until they found this opportunity in Turkey. This is very sad to hear, as everyone should be able to have experiences with horses if they have that dream! In this blog I will be going over a few places and ways to get into horse riding, with open minded people that would absolutely love to help you pursue your new passion. 

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Learn to Ride in Wales

Beautiful green grass and rolling hills as far as the eye can see, it makes you want to go horse riding. And you can! I will be guiding in Wales for the season this year, until the end of September. Here, they offer trails on horseback that go from location to location, from 2 up to 6 days in total. These rides are full days of about 6 hours each and you need to be comfortable cantering in open spaces on a well behaved horse, so it’s perfect for intermediate and experienced riders that are fit. However, they also offer an incredible 3 day long Learn to Ride program here, where everyone is welcome. Here, you will be taught everything from how to catch your horse, how to groom, how to tack up, and of course how to ride your pony! The ponies and horses here in Wales are very easy going and perfect to learn on. Based on how quickly you pick up on the rhythm of horse riding and whether you already had some experience, you will be able to do some cantering up the hills. Most learners are able to do a canter on their last day for sure!

To read more about how to book this fantastic learning experience and to find more information about the ride itself, you can read my blog about horse riding in Wales

Adventure Riding Master Class by Hooves Around The World

The Adventure Riding Master Class is organised by myself and can be arranged for private groups, or we can create a new date and find a group for you based on riding level. These classes are available to anyone looking to gain more knowledge on horses, it doesn’t matter what your current level is! Whether you have never touched a horse before in your life, are scared, or already have lots of experience, as long as you are looking to improve yourself and have a passion for horses - this class is for you. We can do online theory sessions, online riding lessons over Pivo, or review videos of your riding together. Classes can also be about horse behaviour, horse care, how to start extreme trail riding, preparations for your first long horse riding trail, groundwork, or anything else horse related! I am super happy to answer any questions you might have. You can also book the Master Class for private groups in real life, so you and your friends, partner, family or co-workers can all learn about horses or improve your riding skills together. We will select dates, a location and activities together and this program will be completely catered to your group’s needs!

If you are interested in the Master Class by Hooves Around The World, don’t hesitate to contact me or schedule a consultation so we can make a plan for you to take your horse experience to the next level!

Stay as long as you want in Mexico

It’s always nice weather in the Mexican Highlands, and there is a dreamy rancho there, just an hour and a half away from Mexico City airport. Here, they cater to everyone, from first timers to super experienced riders. If you want to come stay at the ranch and not ride horses, but cuddle them all day instead, you are also more than welcome. You can also do mountain biking, hiking and cultural day trips around the area, and you can stay from one day to as long as you possibly want! This is one of the locations that is incredible for the Adventure Riding Master Class as they have suitable horses for first timers and beginners, and you are able to learn on these bomb proof horses very well. You can also come to stay at the rancho for a longer period of time, for example if you work remotely and really want to spend a while improving your horse skills. They have forward going, spicy and fun horses for experienced riders too. Stay at the rancho for a month, do your work by the pool with a cool drink in hand, and do a few hours of horse riding every day - you’ll be a pro by the time you leave! They are open all year round so you can book any dates you would like. If you would like to see if horse riding is something you would be interested in, you can also come for one day and try it out in a safe environment on fantastic horses and with incredible guidance. 

To learn more about this experience and how to book, you can find it in my blog about horse riding in Mexico

Beginners weekend Turkey 

The people I met in Turkey were the inspiration for me to write this post, and they were there because Ride4Far has a lovely weekend program for first timers. Here, you learn to groom and tack up your horse, you get a lesson on the lunge line to get the feeling of a trot, participate in a yoga lesson with and on your horse, and you get to do a beautiful walking ride along the beach! It’s the perfect introduction to horses before deciding to participate in other, longer programs, or to book the Master Class. To find out more about this lovely weekend of horses in Turkey and how to book it, you can read my blog about horse riding in Turkey

You can book all these experiences on horseback here.

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