Horse riding in Wales


Rolling hills with beautifully lush green grass, perfect for long canters. Let a well trained Cob, Welsh pony or Irish sports horse carry you through the hills of Wales. Enjoy lovely long trots over the quiet farm roads and through old towns. Horse riding in Wales is relaxing, varied and enjoyable for every type of rider. In this blog post I will tell you all about trail riding in Wales! 

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The horses and riding on your Wales experience

On these trails organised by Freerein, you will really get to know your horse. You have the pleasure of feeding, grooming and tacking up your horse yourself, a true opportunity to bond with your trusty steed. The lovely ponies will carry you through the countryside for about 6 hours each day, with a lunch break around noon. Lunch is usually held somewhere with a stunning view! Every day of horse riding will take you over stunning grassy hills and through little towns. The views are absolutely amazing on top of the hills and you’ll have the pleasure of doing lots of trotting and cantering while in Wales. The landscape is perfect for horse riding, with long farm roads and beautiful long stretches of grass going up the hills. The horses are sure footed and very safe, and there is a horse for every type of rider. Forward going horses, very steady ones and some nutters as well! Intermediate riders, nervous riders and confident, experienced riders will all have a fabulous time riding these ponies as they are always very well matched. They have cobs, Welsh ponies, Irish sports horses and more! There is more information on booking this fabulous riding holiday below, and make sure to also include in your booking what sort of horse you would like to ride. They are all very well trained and safe, some are just more forward and excited than others.

Herd of wild white welsh ponies at freerein
Wild Welsh ponies up on the hills!

Accommodation during your horse riding trail

During this horse riding adventure in Wales, you will ride from place to place each day, and stay in lovely B&Bs and boutique hotels along the way. Your luggage is delivered each day so all you have to do is enjoy your full day of horse riding. The accommodation is comfortable, with lovely hosts to make you feel at home. The horses always stay close to the accommodation, usually only a few minutes drive or walk away. So, at the end of your day, you turn the horses out into their field for the night, and you get driven to your accommodation where your luggage is already waiting for you and dinner is in the making! 

cob horse sleeping on top of a hill in Wales
Cheyenne having a nap at lunch time

Information on trail riding in Wales ‍

2 days of horse riding in Wales costs 499 GBP. For 3 days the price is 799 GBP. 4 days is 1099 GBP, and 6 days costs 1999 GBP
: accommodation, breakfast, packed lunch, dinner, horse riding and guide, luggage delivery and other services required to make your holiday a success. 
Excluded: drinks, tips, flights, insurance.

Up to 8 riders can join each trail, and you can choose to either join a group with a specific departure date, or hire your own guide! To hire your own private guide you pay an extra 199 GBP per day per group, and it allows you to choose any dates within the season. Plus, you get to go on a ride with your friends and/or family privately. You have to be confident cantering well behaved horses out on trail to be able to join the rides in Wales. If you are a bit nervous or an intermediate rider, you can request an easy going horse and you won't have any problems. The weight limit is 92kg for all rides. If you are not happy to canter on trail or haven't done it before, please do still contact Freerein. There are other options available such as their Learn To Ride program! This program lasts 3 days and costs 799 GBP per person plus an extra 599 GBP per group for a private guide. For this program it is required to hire a private guide for safety and extra guidance, this way you get a fantastic learning experience. 

Horse riding in Wales
Toffee and Cheyenne getting ready for a canter on the hill!

How to book your horse riding holiday in Wales

The season here in Wales runs until the 2nd of October 2022 and from the 28th of April to the 1st of October 2023. Think about how many days you would like to go riding for, if you would like to join a group or hire a private guide, and which month or week suits you best.

Click here to book the 3-day ride
Click here to book the 4-day ride

Click here to book the 6-day ride

Go on Toffee, you can do it!! 
Toffee is perfect for nervous and intermediate riders.
Cheyenne (in the lead) is perfect for confident experienced riders.

Please do not hesitate to contact me here or on instagram with any questions you might have. I am also more than happy to find the perfect ride for you anywhere else around the world!

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