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Hi guys! My name is Stine and I have written for Hooves around the World before about Ecuador. Now I’m back to tell you all about horse riding in Brazil.
Do you ever get tired of riding around the arena with your show horse? Just wanting to go out in the field and press the off switch? Just enjoy the most beautiful ride you could imagine? Have you ever gone horseback riding in Brazil? Because it is amazing. Together with Ride Andes I got to experience this.

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Being used to working for other horseback riding companies I could finally relax on this ride, with everyone making sure we had the best time. The horses were brought in from the field and tacked up - all you had to worry about is being ready at time of departure. Which was little to ask for! Let me tell you about my experience of luxury. 

Arriving in Brazil and meeting our horses for the ride

We arrived in Brazil and were picked up at the arranged location. We were driven to the Fazenda where we were going to spend the first night before riding out the next morning. Here we were welcomed with open arms! Leo, the chef, made sure we felt like part of the team from the first moment we stepped inside the door. After meeting the rest of the crew, we enjoyed a beer and a glass of wine and had some nicely prepared tapas. We were shown around the Fazenda and got to ask all the questions we had. Strolling through the beautiful stable and greeting our new four-legged friends for the next few days was a great way to start this adventure. The Brazilian tack that we would be riding in was very similar to the Uruguayan tack that we were used to. We definitely felt like we were in good hands.

We settled in and after a quick siesta the evening could begin. A real gaucho churrasco was prepared. Churrasco is the Portuguese and Spanish name for grilled meat, an important part of Brazilian gaucho culture. Lots of meat was served. The crew also prepared an amazing vegetarian BBQ and the two vegetarians who were with us were anything but disappointed! As we were about to eat, live music started playing - a local duo had come to the Fazenda to play us a few songs. Safe to say, the first night was a real success! 

beautiful criollo mare in brazil
Photo by Stine Andersen

Let's start riding with Ride Andes

The next morning breakfast was served. Shortly after breakfast we were ready to leave. A quick shot of Cachaza before leaving and the day had begun. Cachaza is the national spirit made of fermented sugar cane juice and exclusively produced in Brazil.

We didn’t know what to expect but what we experienced was some truly impressive scenery. We rode out with three gauchos which made the experience even more authentic.

We were surrounded by green fields, tall trees, open land and a lot of cows. The first day was an 8-hour ride. After 3 hours we stopped for lunch at a cute and authentic country house. Here we enjoyed a homemade meal from a true sweetheart who we found out would be preparing all of our meals on this trip. After lunch we had an hour and a half to take a siesta or walk around the property.

When we met up again, we were excited for the next 5 hours. We took some amazing photos and cantering videos. We arrived to the Fazenda just at dusk and while seeing the most beautiful sunset on the way there.

Again, we were served incredible tapas and drinks. After a quick snack and a shower, it was time to eat. Another incredibly delicious meal!

gaucho riding over the fields in brazil
Photo by Stine Andersen

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Day 2 of the horse ride

Waking up to the smell of breakfast, everyone was looking forward to another day of riding. Our horses were tacked up and ready and we left for another amazing trip. Riding through the landscapes of Brazil and crossing small creeks and rivers was breathtaking. Racing the gauchos on the open fields is much more fun than you could ever imagine. They always have a trick or two up their sleeves, so be careful :-)

I got to ride a beautiful mare with the absolute best temper. I needed an easy-going horse where I could let go of the reins to be able to take videos and photos. I was working during this trip for RideAndes. The gauchos gave me the right horse for this job. She is the perfect horse for a nervous or beginner rider. She was tranquil but still one of the front horses in a canter. For the rest of the team, we needed enthusiastic and forward going horses, which worked out brilliantly. Absolutely perfect for videos and photos. Everyone was satisfied and happy with their horses. 

We had lunch at a beautiful western like Fazenda – cows, big barns with beautiful wooden constructions and spacious houses. The Fazenda had a few Criollo stallions that we had the opportunity to look at. Absolutely stunning horses.

In case you didn’t know, the criollo horses are the native horses of South America. Medium sized horses perfect for life in the campo. They are built strong and can handle more than they look like. Very well tempered and great trail horses. The Criollo is bred differently all over South America, with every country having their own criollo breed. 

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After lunch heavy clouds were coming in. A thunderstorm was right behind us and we were in a hurry to get to the next Fazenda. We were greeted at the entrance of the property by the owner. Together we all rode to his Fazenda. We had a nice chat with him and he told us about his place and his life here. The gauchos are always up for sharing their stories and take great pride in hosting you in their home. Just as we arrived at the house it started thundering.

Inside was another tasteful churrasco prepared for all of us. After a lot of talking and a few beers it was time to end the night. We all fell asleep quickly, dreaming about this beautiful adventure we were on.

horses and riders riding through beautiful landscape in brazil
Photo by Stine Andersen

The last beautiful day of horse riding in Brazil

The next morning, we woke up to another sunny day. Today was going to be 7 hours in the saddle riding back to the first Fazenda. After a good night's sleep, everyone was ready for what the day would bring. Being our last day of riding in Brazil, we enjoyed it to the fullest. One last time we were cantering through Brazil’s stunning nature. We rode on a drovers road, a road that gauchos used to move their cattle from their Fazendas to the markets, which could be a journey of 300km! 

Looking forward to the fiesta we were promised in the evening, the 7 hours went by fast. In no time the day had passed and we were greeted by familiar faces. The gaucho fiesta could begin!

A well-known gaucho duo was performing in the evening. Together with the traditional churrasco, the atmosphere was very cultural. After dinner people started dancing. Everyone was talking together despite language barriers. The evening turned into an unforgettable night with laughter and newfound friends. 

It is safe to say that this was an adventure that no one should miss out on. It was an extraordinary memory that will not be forgotten! 

Photo by Stine Andersen

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Currently it isn't possible yet to book this horse riding holiday, however it's in the works as we speak and will be on the Ride Andes website as soon as possible. In the mean time, make sure to check out the Ride Andes website for all their other exhilarating horse trails in South America.

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