Hooves around Argentina: March 2024 equestrian meet-ups


Inviting other nationalities to my home away from home - Argentina,South America - and giving them the best adventure possible is a dream come true. Riding horses in the mountains next to rivers, sleeping under the open sky, every meal prepared over fire and working the cattle alongside the gauchos. If that is not a dream job, I don’t know what is. 

This blogs is written by Stine Andersen, for questions you can contact her on Instagram, or stine@hoovesaroundtheworld.com.

tacking up criollo horses in Argentina
Stine in our Hooves merch! Photo by Pedro

I hosted our 3 Hooves Around The World Argentina rides in March. It was a month full of riding, good food and even better people. Our rides always seem to attract the right crowd and everyone comes as strangers but leaves as friends.

Group of horse riders in Argentina

Dates for our next equestrian meet-ups:

20 to 27 October 2024* (8 saddles available)
17 to 24 November 2024* (10 saddles available)
14 to 21 December 2024 (fully booked - waiting list available)

* These trips are hosted by Chula from the ranch, and you will be working with the cattle on the farm if the weather allows for it, instead of driving the cattle.

2025 equestrian meet-ups:

4 to 11 March and 14 to 21 December.
Price: 2750 USD

Contact me to make your booking.

Group of girls by a river in front of a waterfall in a canyon

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Criollo horse and rider in front of mountains in Patagonia

We were very lucky with the weather for all three weeks. Everyone went swimming in the rivers and lagoons every week. The rides are usually very windy, as we are in the mountains and there is no shelter around us. The second week we had some even stronger winds than usual but this didn’t stop us from having great time! We had late nights all chugged together next to the fire with a glass of wine in the hand. 

Group of people by a campfire

Our third week we had the most incredible weather any of the guides had ever experienced on the rides. As we finished the second week, it had snowed in the mountains as we got back to the ranch the last day which made me very concerned about the next week. I warned everyone for the third week to bring good layers of warm clothes. It ended up being a week with sun and little to no wind. The weather was so nice I even got in the lagoon! (For the first time ever) 

Riding horses bareback by a lagoon in the mountains on a clear sunny day

On the first and second ride, we had couples, friend groups and solo travellers join us. The third week it was only solo travellers which was the first time we experienced this. Some of the guests met up in Neuquen the day before we went to the ranch. I met up with half of the group to go to a tack shop to buy bombachas, ponchos and hats. 

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Group of horse riders on Criollo horses

The next day when we went to the ranch a lot of them had already gotten to know each other and the conversation was going. The guests came from all over the world, so a lot of languages were spoken all the time and made it hard to keep up at times. 

Group of horse riders in the mountains of Patagonia
My 2 best friends and I looked at each other on the second to last day of our Patagonia ride and said "have you felt an ounce of stress or worry since you've been here" and we all strongly agreed that we hadn't. This ride was the best experience of our lives. We lived our adventurous, horse girl dreams. Everything was perfect, the food, the company, our host (Stine), the Argentinian country, the magnificent horses, and the morado ranch family (Chula, Martin, and Augustin) who welcomed us like we were old friends. Our only predicament now is how soon can we go back?

Catie, Laura and Haley USA. 4th – 11th March 2024

Cattle drive on horseback in the mountains

What always surprises me, is how well the guides are at selecting the horses for the guests none of us have ever met beforehand. Out of 28 riders, only 3 of our guests changed to another horse than the horse we had first chosen. 2 riders were encouraged by us to change as we suspected they would have more fun with a more forward going horse, which turned out to be right. 

Riders on criollo horses in a field

All the horses are very well behaved but for myself this doesn’t come as a surprise as we are riding criollos. If you have read any of my other blogs about South America, you know I love this breed and it’s what is making me stay over here. 

Horse riders herding cattle in the plains

They are strong-headed, surefooted and their temperament is indescribably well. I rode Cartucho two weeks and Pensamiento for one. Cartucho is a forward going gelding with a body that is a little unproportional. He can gallop fast but still you have the power to stop him (unless you’re chasing cows...), has a fantastic personality and after two weeks together he started to accept when I was petting him. Oh! But remember to leave him on a lead rope, as he will escape from the paddock during the night. 

Group of horse riders in the mountain on a sunny day

Pensamiento hadn’t been behaving well, so I was riding him the second week. He is an easy going gelding with a very comfortable trot and canter. The third week he was ridden by a guest. 

horse riders walking through a field

What I love about these trips is the food and the family. All meals are prepared over open fire and you would think the options would be limited but no. We had humitas (corn stew), pesto pasta, choripan (Argentinian hotdog), risotto and of course Cordero al palo (lamb prepared over fire). After every meal we have dessert, which is always something typical Argentinian. 

Gauchos sitting by a fireplace

We had some guests who had brought snacks, as they weren’t sure if they would get hungry but on the last day they told me they hadn’t eaten a single one of them. We can also provide meals for vegetarians, coeliacs and any allergies. 

Preparing food over the fire between trees

The family, our guides, always welcome our guests with open arms. They are great entertainment for the guests, as they are always taking the piss with each other. They never say no to a gallop or a glass (or bottle) of wine. When the speaker comes out it means dancing all night. They are very knowledgeable about their land and the history of the family. It is all done out of pure pleasure and they always express how much they love the work as they never feel like they are working.  

Horses and riders and pack mule in the mountains
I just have to start this by saying that this horseback riding adventure was one of the best experiences of our lives!! The horses, people, dogs, food and especially Stine were all incredible. Our days were filled riding the hearty Criollo horses across a vast terrain with breathtaking views in all directions. Every horse had their own personality that seemed to fit their riders! We would stop daily for a fresh/flavorful lunch and swim in water that was as blue as the sky. Nights were spent under the stars with the best food and wine Argentina had to offer. A million thanks to our hosts and their exceptional hospitality. Joaquin was our chef and I wanted to take him home with me so that I could eat his cooking everyday for the rest of my life. Last but not least I have to give a very big shout out to our host Stine. Thank you girl for all of the laughs, late nights, refilling my wine glass (again, and again, and again) helping us learn/translate with the gauchos, teaching us about our horses/tack, and the amazing photos you took throughout our trip. I can’t put into words how great you are!

Elena and Pete. USA. 14th – 21st March 2024 

Horse riders galloping on dirt road in a storm

Every week we started the first days by riding into the mountains. The cows we were going to herd down had been in the mountains all summer (December - March) and it was now time for them to go back down to the estancia before the snow would arrive. The first week we even helped the gauchos weigh the cows before selling the lot.

weighing cattle

We herded the cows a little further down each week. The first week we gathered them at the hot spring camp, which is a very big and open space. Herding them there is a must! Absolutely beautiful watching 300 cows being herded around by everyone. 

Lone horse rider on black horse with cattle

The next week we had to bring them along the mountainside which was a bit more complicated due to the lack of space. It was a windy but sunny day which meant a lot of dust! Luckily everyone was well prepared and had brought something to cover their mouth, nose and eyes. 

cattle drive on horseback in the dust

The last week we had to bring them through a valley. This took a long time as there was only one path. As soon as we got thorough the valley we were back in the open fields and the guests could trot around helping the gauchos push the cows forward. A few of the guests got to try Martins whip and had a blast learning how to manage it. 

gauchos herding cattle

The gauchos are with us every time we drive the cattle to guide us and teach us how it is done. Gauchos are quiet people but as soon as you start asking questions they will happily answer and they are always very helpful when it comes to teaching us how life on the campo is in Argentina. 

gaucho herding cattle in the plains
Reading blogposts and watching Instagram posts about the Patagonian trip already gave me goosebumps. And yes, it is a place that immediately feels like home because of the warmth of the people. And yes, the landscapes are outrageous and the horses have wonderful personalities and are incredible on their feet. But what you don’t know before and what you just have to experience, is the feeling. Someone once asked me, if the trip was what I expected. And I immediately said no. I expected everything and more I saw before on instagram, but the feeling this trip gave me, was out of my imagination. My heart was full and still feeds from it. Full of love, pure joy, connection, enthusiasm, energy and freedom. I felt more alive than ever. Absorb it with all your senses and you will not regret it ❤️

Pauline. Germany. 24th – 31st March 2024  

Horse riders climbing a mountain

The comments from the guests says it all! I can’t wait until next year when I get to do it again and meet even more unique people from all over the world. If you’re still curious about this ride check out my Instagram highlight HATW Argentina to see everything we did and experienced these weeks. 

Horse and rider at sunset in the plains between the mountains
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