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Growing up on the Dutch countryside with horses, I’ve very much learnt to love the beautiful (all be it little) nature in our small country. There are some absolutely stunning places to ride, either with your own horse or guest horses. I will tell you all about the 5 most amazing places I’ve ridden in the Netherlands. Let’s start!

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Forest rides in Appelscha

This is a stunning place to ride, with four routes of about 2 hours each. There is also one long route (around 27 kilometers) which is amazing to ride, this is the purple route in the map. The red dots indicate a place where you can park your car and horse box and there’s always plenty of space to tack up your horse. The black lines also indicate where you can cut routes short or make them longer!

Picture by National Park Drents Friese Wold

The routes have amazing paths for fast paced riding, lots of gallops and long trots. I especially like these routes as there is very limited ‘spooky stuff’, which is great for for example a young horse’s first outing. If you are interested in riding here but don't have your own horse or would like to join me or a group, please contact me about the options! 

Beach rides on Dutch Island Terschelling

At Puur Terschelling you can ride guest horses over the island’s beautiful beaches! I did this with a group of friends and it was a fantastic experience. We were matched perfectly with other equally experienced riders which made the ride very enjoyable as we were able to do lots of galloping! I really enjoyed the horse I was riding, he was very forward going and overall just a very fun horse to ride with lots of personality. At Puur, they make sure to match you to the right horse in order for you to have a great time on the beach!

Beach ride on friesians terschelling the netherlands
Picture by Puur Terschelling

There are so many different horse-related activities to enjoy at Puur. Swimming with horses, bareback riding, evening beach rides and so much more. Whether you’re a beginner or already experienced, don’t worry as they cater to every horse rider! Are you a horse lover but not that into riding, at Puur you can also go on a carriage ride through the forest and on the beach with beautiful Frisian horses. The last amazing activity I will tell you about is the 4-day riding package. Four days of riding on the beautiful Dutch beaches! Please check our their website to find out more.

Beach rides in Schoorl

This is such a fun place to hang out and ride. I have done a pony camp and a training camp here and absolutely loved it. The accommodation is lovely and the ambiance is very farm-house country style. You can choose to do an instruction camp here with your own horse, these camps are focused around riding competitions and lets you train for whatever discipline you want! I learnt so much on my instruction camp and really enjoyed it, we went for a beach ride with our ponies as well!

Riding on the beach in the netherlands
Beach ride with our own ponies.
Showjumping with welsh pony
Showjumping training at Poelenburgh.

You can also opt to go on a beach ride with the amazing horses they have at the riding school. For beginners they have walking rides on very relaxed horses, you don’t need any experience whatsoever and the horses are incredibly relaxed. For experienced riders there are forest and beach rides with long stretches for fast gallops! There are so many more rides to do here, like a full moon- or day ride. Please check out their website for more information.

Open range riding in national park de Veluwe

There is an actual horse hotel on the Veluwe! In this beautiful national park with some of the most stunning nature in the Netherlands, there’s a horse hotel. It has accommodation for both you and your four-legged friend(s). They provide food, stables and fields/paddocks for your horse, and it’s right next to the horse trails you can do on the Veluwe. If you don’t have or are able to take your own horse, you can also rent a horse through the horse hotel! Last but not least, on request they provide you with a map of all the trails you can ride. It’s an amazing adventure to ride here with your horse.

Forest rides in Zeijen

When I had my first pony, I had her stabled in Zeijen, Drenthe for 5 years. We explored every forest, path and road there together and it allows me to tell you about all the secret and stunning routes around Zeijen! I’ve personally made a map with 2 amazing routes, a short and a long one. I’ve also marked parking possibilities on the map. If you’re interested in the map, please send me an email or message me on instagram. When you finish your ride or come across the cafe earlier, make sure to grab a drink. There’s a big field in front of the cafe where you can hang out with your horse, take a break and enjoy a cold (or hot) brew!

Horse riding with welsh pony in the netherlands
Riding with my old pony through the beautiful forest in Zeijen.

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