Hooves Around Galicia

Horse riding in Galicia, Spain

There is a farm nestled between the mountains of Galicia and the impressive waters of the Atlantic ocean, where your guide Adrián will show you the most exquisite parts of Galicia, Spain. Besides being an experienced guide, Adrián is also a talented horseman with a true connection to all his horses, but above all a real, authentic Galician! During your stay at his farm, he will take you riding through the mountains where you will see lots of purebred Galician wild horses. Learn about the history of the wild horses of Galicia, their habitat, characteristics, traditional management and their relationship with the people. We went to Galicia for an incredible week of horse riding, and we have now planned several Hooves trips to Galicia in 2024 and 2025!

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12 to 18 September 2024
21 to 27 April 2025
19 to 25 May 2025
1 to 7 September 2025
6 to 12 October 2025

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Monday to Sunday
Intermediate and experienced