Why you should try a horse riding holiday for your next break

When we think of going on holiday, most of us typically think about lying on a hot, sunny beach, or diving into the culture of a new place via the history and food. One type of break you may not have considered, however, is an active holiday, where you incorporate plenty of activities like cycling, horse riding, sailing or hiking.

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Active holidays are a great chance to try something new, or pick up a seasonal sport in warmer weather. They’re suitable for all ages, but are particularly popular amongst younger holidaymakers, with research showing that under 35s are the most likely to search for them online. If you’re outside of the age group though, don’t let it put you off. In this post, we share three reasons why you should try a horse riding holiday – a sport that benefits everyone, no matter your age or experience level.

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Slow down and experience the world in a new way

When we’re on holiday, it’s often all too easy to dash from one place to another. There’s so much to see and do, and a week or two doesn’t ever seem like enough. Being on horseback helps you slow down and appreciate the small things. The beautiful landscape, the fresh air and the warmth of the sun will all become that much more apparent when you’re taking things at the pace of your equine companion.

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Plus, you may get to see scenery you wouldn’t otherwise have. The joy of having an experienced guide on your holiday is that they can show you some local spots, far away from the crowds, making your holiday extra special.

Reduce stress

If you’re taking a break to get away from the stressors of everyday life, then there’s nothing better than a horse riding holiday. Horses have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, especially when you’re riding outside in nature. In order for the horse to be calm, you need to be calm – so it can be a good chance to leave your worries behind and focus on being in the present moment.

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If you’re someone who is glued to their smartphone, an active holiday can also be a good choice. Chances are you can’t ride a horse and check your emails at the same time, meaning that you’ll get a proper break and switch off. If you struggle to disconnect from work, booking a holiday like this can also help put in boundaries with your team that they can’t contact you whilst you’re away.

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Boost self-esteem by learning a skill

For many of us, a horse riding holiday is a chance to try a new skill without a weekly commitment or regular financial cost. You can get experience in this amazing sport with a capable instructor on hand to support you in a safe environment. Not only is this a great way to have fun, but you may also find your confidence and self-esteem grow as you push yourself out of your comfort zone. It may even spark an interest in a new hobby for you to explore once you return home.

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Make the most of your break

An active holiday is a fantastic way to ensure you come back feeling invigorated and empowered. You’ll get all the benefits of lying on the beach but with the added extra of seeing your holiday destination in a whole new light via your new equine friend.

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