Volunteer program with rhinos and horses in Zimbabwe

An amazing opportunity to help with rhino conservation while horse riding through the amazing nature of Imire, Zimbabwe. You will be participating in the regular volunteer program for half of each day, and horse riding for the other half! For non-riders it's 900USD per week, and they will participate in the regular volunteer program. Every other week however, non riders can try out a short horse ride on the weekend.

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As a participant in the non-rider program, you can stay as long as you'd like! The horse riding program can be booked for a maximum of two weeks in a row. It is however possible to do two weeks of horse riding, one week of the regular program, and then horses again! Don't forget to use the code HATW5% for 5 percent off your trip of a lifetime.

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Discount code:
HATW5 for 5% off

Trip details

One week to three months
Experienced (and non-riders)