Hooves Around Lesotho

Explore the African mountains on horseback

Having had the pleasure of working as a guide on horseback in this incredible area, I can honestly tell you this ride is very special. The scenery is impressive, the mountains unlike anywhere else on the planet, and the horse riding is absolutely sublime. You'll cross rivers, gallop over open plains and navigate through mountainous terrain.

Equestrian meet-up in Lesotho

The upcoming meet-up in Lesotho will be from 19 to 27 October 2023, hosted and guided by Luzi! The horse riding holiday starts at Khotso Lodge and Horse Trails on the 19th of October, where we will spend one night before starting our adventure in Lesotho on 20 October.

Read about our 2023 equestrian meet-up in the mountains of Lesotho

Click “read the blog” to find out more about the itinerary, packing information and more for this horse riding holiday. 

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19-27 October 2024
Strong intermediate to experienced