Ultimate list of 35 different careers in the horse world

It can be incredibly daunting to launch your career within the horse world. Whether you’re switching careers, or starting from a young age, it can be difficult to figure out how to go about it and what kind of job suits you best. Don’t worry though! I’ll go through the many possibilities and types of jobs that you you can find in the world world. You’ll be surprised about the variety, and there will be something fit for you, no matter your experience in horses.

dressage horse riding on black KWPN horse during sunset
Captured with Pivo

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Horse training

  1. Starting youngsters This is something I personally enjoy very much, but experience and some kind of fearlessness is certainly nessecary.
  2. Groundwork and horsemanship Another job where experience is nessecary, there are so many courses available both on and offline that teach you the basics of groundwork and horsemanship, these are a great way to get started.
  3. Retraining This can be done at riding schools or stables, but you can also start your own small business in retraining horses.
  4. Race trainer Are you experienced in training young race horses? Then this is something for you. Keep in mind that lots of experience is needed.
  5. Show trainer Are you able to educate young show horses? Keep in mind, lots of experience needed.
  6. Trails trainer As a trail horse trainer, you’ll also need to have experience.
Dressage horse riding with young black KWPN horse
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Horse safari and trekking companies

7. Guide or back up guide These are amazing jobs that allow you to see lots of nature and wildlife from horseback. If you want to guide in big 5 area, you’ll need to get some certifications.
8. Trainer
9. Groom Don’t want to ride as much as a guide or train, have a look at a grooming position! You’ll be taking care of the horses, feeding them, turning them out and possibly doing stable or farm maintenance.
10. Office jobs I will get back to these later, but a horse riding company also needs an office, so imagine all the different jobs needed.
11. Logistics Lots of horse safari and trekking companies need drivers! The logistics can be complicated and often a logistics driver is needed to set up lunch for guests, drive to sundowner spots to pick up guests and so much more.
12. Accommodation and hospitality Chefs, managers, interior designers, and any other job you can possibly think of that is needed in a lodge and in hospitality.
13. Anti poaching This is a topic that is incredibly dear and important to me. Horses often help with anti-poaching. Read all about it in this post.


Which ever discipline you’re good at, there is an opportunity to become an exercise rider!

14. Dressage rider
15. Showjumping rider
16. Eventing rider
17. Polo rider
18. Racing exercise rider

Also: saddle seat, trotter, western, endurence, and all other disciplines!

tackless horse riding on KWPN horse
Tackless ride with my previous horse Zappy!


Grooms are needed wherever there are horses, and in every discipline!

19. Dressage
20. Showjumping
21. Hunting
22. Eventing
23. Polo
24. Racing
25. Trekking and safaris
26. Stud farms
27. Farm and stable work Perfect for those of us who don’t have a lot of experience with horses yet but are interested in working on a farm!
28. Au pair/gardener/housekeeper There are lots of families and private farms that need a groom who can also help with the kids, garden and around the house.


29. Riding school This is absolutely perfect if you have a teaching certificate. However, there are many possibilities even if you don’t, as long as you have some experience and a great sense of responsibility.
30. Start your own company You can create a website or social media page to get clients. You can teach anything from riding, to training, to groundwork and horsemanship and so much more. Nowadays, lots of people have Pivo, which allows them to get online lessons with their horse.

Office jobs

Perfect if you don’t have enough horse experience yet!

31. Marketing
32. Social media manager
33. Administration
34. Accountant
35. Personal assistant

There are endless possibilities, anything you can think of that a company needs. You’ll be able to start an office job and learn about horses in the mean time. Eventually you might even be able to shift into working with the horses!

Horse riding on young horses in south africa
Lovely receptionist Jordyn from Khotso helping out with training the younsters for trail rides!
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