The Equestrian Adventuresses’ Bucket List Book

In this blog post, Georgia will tell you all about the Equestrian Adventuresses’ brand new Bucket List Book. On Hooves Around The World, I offer exclusive and unique horse riding holidays around the world, that have been personally tried and tested by me, but it's very well possible that your perfect horse riding adventure is not on here! Below you can read all about the Bucket List ebook, which contains ideas for adventures to go on with your own horse, and lots of other fun horse experiences.

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Want to travel on horseback but do not know where to start? Many people aspire to travel the world and go on amazing horseback riding pursuits, but find it difficult to find a starting place. An enormous amount of equine adventures are available abroad for the equine enthusiasts, you just have to know where to look.

Luckily, we at Equestrian Adventuresses put together a bucket list guide on horseback riding around the globe for you. It entails information on horse breeds, destinations, and how you can combine the passions of horses and travel with your own horse or on tours. The possibilities are endless.

Picture this. Riding your horse into the horizon with no destination in mind, then pitching your tent and camping under the stars alongside your 4 legged best friend overnight. Or maybe you prefer saddling up in a faraway country, racing across the deserts of Egypt on Arabian horses or tolting on Icelandic horses. And then there's the arts, museums, and ancient history of horses scattered throughout the world, eagerly waiting for you to explore the wonders of their lost culture on horseback.

The Equestrian Adventuresses Bucket List Book covers it all. From the icebergs in Greenland to the jungles of South America, this book will take you all over the world.

Once you find the perfect destination, you will want to find a few neat excursions around the area too. Spending hours on google researching and looking for reviews that don't seem to exist and trying to gather all the intel you can about far flung places is a daunting and exhausting task. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a list of all the ultimate bucket list items for equestrians all in one place?

Oh wait. There is it!​

Equestrian Adventuresses’ Bucket List Book

Equestrian Adventuresses, the tribe for equestrians who love horses, travel and adventure has put together the 2022 Ultimate Equestrian Adventuresses Bucket List book. This unique travel guide book features adventures you can do at home with your own horses, tours you can book (including the names of the stables), and the locations of the best equestrian art pieces, museums dedicated to horses and more.

You'll find breed related bucket list items. Sure there's the obvious ones like riding an Arabian horse in a desert... but what about the other breeds? Maybe you'll learn about quite a few new breeds you've never heard of! Or maybe you'll get some helpful tips on how to ride your favourites like the Andalusians and Lipizzaners.

Whether you are a year-round traveler or just want to find a unique spot to take your horse, The Equestrian Adventuresses’ Bucket List Book will help you commence your journey. You can find the book on Amazon or download it for free here.

Now flip through the book to find your next adventure.

Safe travels!

Advertorial written by Georgia Ann Smith for Equestrian Adventuresses and Hooves Around The World

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