The 8 best equestrian Instagram account

As you can probably imagine, I spend quite a lot of time on Instagram. Whether I’m looking for a new place to organise a horsey meet-up or write a blog about, or just to see what else is going on in the world of horses and travel, I head over to Instagram. In this blog I’ll tell you about my 8 favourite equestrian travel accounts at the moment. There are of course so many more incredible accounts, but I’m currently quite obsessed with these! 

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As she mentions in her bio, Emmie is a horse trailer dwellin’ buckaroo and equine/ranch cinematographer. She’s currently traveling around with her three horses and an actual baby bison (!) in her horse trailer. I always get extremely excited when I see she’s posted another story, love following her adventures and admire her photography. She’s been all over the states, Mexico and Namibia and I highly recommend giving her account a good stalk to see all her amazing reels and photos. 



Besides being an incredible horse trainer and human, Jeanne also creates the dreamiest videos with her Arabian mare and the Icelandic horses she has in training. In beautiful dresses and long flowing hair, she shows off her impressive horses in the Swiss countryside. Her account has grown immensely in the last few months and for a good reason. Any horse lover can look at her videos for hours on end. 



Noori is a fellow equestrian travel blogger! She has ridden horses all over New Zealand, but also in Australia, Oman, Jordan, Cambodia and Thailand. I absolutely love her reels, and you can see how much effort she always puts into them. Her videos from Jordan were amazing, so go check those out! When she’s not traveling, she rides a beautiful piebald called Joy, and posts reels of their trail rides in the fairy-like forests. 



I get ridiculously excited when I see Gillian has posted new stories on her Instagram. She is currently (again) riding her horses from Mexico to Canada, and takes us with her in her stories. It’s incredible to see how well trained and prepared her horses are for the trip, and you can literally feel the horse having a great time. On their way they have to go around or saw through obstacles such as fallen trees, and it's fantastic to see how handy the horses are with their feet. You can also read along on Gillian’s blog



This horse training Instagram account is run by Yvet Blokesch. She also has a website where you can become a member of the Featherlight academy and watch all her training videos. I’ve followed her on instagram for quite a few years and absolutely fell in love with her style of horsemanship. Last year I finally became a member of the academy too and now get to watch all her videos about problem solving with horses, liberty training and so much more in full! If you’re a trainer or interested in pursuing a career in horse training I highly recommend watching Yvet’s videos. 



Teagan is an incredible photographer who travels all over Africa to create the most stunning photos. On her website you can also check out the incredible videography she has done for horse riding holiday companies all over the world. She also has a separate travel account where you can check out her work at all the beautiful conservancies she visits.  



Based in Italy, Selina shares the adventures of her and her horse Vispo. Sunsets through the ears on top of the Italian hills, the incredible open countryside and the magical forests are any horse rider's dream. The freedom of riding here is actually part of what inspired me to have a better look at Italy as a place to settle down with my own horses



Jamie is a South African vet student that spends her time with both rhinos and horses. She does a lot of work for The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, a place that I love and where I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time while I was still working as a horse safari guide. Her efforts in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation are inspiring, and her photos and videos of cuddles with both rhinos and horses are the cutest thing on the planet. 


What are your favourite equestrian and/or travel accounts on Instagram? Let me know! I’m always looking for more amazing people to follow.

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