The best equestrian Christmas presents for your horsey friends

Getting your horsey friends, partner or family a great present this holiday season can be a mission. Especially if they travel a lot too! Keep reading to find out what the best equestrian Christmas gifts this year are. 

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Get your equestrian friend something cute and decorative

Honestly, I love receiving cute and kind of useless gifts every once in a while. Get them something horse related to spruce up the house and make it even more horsey! You can give them a stunning horse sculpture, or a ridiculously cute plush horse!

Get your equestrian friend something useful

We all know how insanely expensive it is to keep horses. Whether you own your own horses, lease one, ride at a riding school, or go on horse riding holidays, it all costs a lot of money. Equestrians are always just a bit broke as all our money obviously goes to our horses! Your equestrian friend will be forever grateful for a new pair of paddock boots, such as these ones by Ariat. Halters are always a great idea too, as we all know how often they break or just randomly disappear. We can also never ever have too many horse riding pants! Last but not least, a good fanny pack is a great gift for the avid trail rider. 

Horse riding boots
Photo by Megan Bucknall on Unsplash

Help your horsey friend prepare for their horse riding holiday

Have a look at packing lists for horse riding holidays if you haven’t been on one yet! Some fun gifts for a newbie would be for example a tub of vaseline for the sore bum, a new helmet for the crazy adventure they’re heading out on, or, of course, a high quality cowboy hat! For the equestrian that’s going on a horse safari, get them some new riding clothes in neutral colours so that they’ll blend in with the safari crowd. Don’t forget the khaki pants if you’re going for the full look!

Gift your traveling friend something unique

Please don't give your travel crazed equestrian friend a saddle, helmet or boots. We can barely lug all our stuff around now, and while the sentiment is lovely, we’ll end up having to leave it somewhere on the planet. Only if your friend has told you they’ve had to leave their boots behind and are now riding barefoot, I would recommend buying them boots. If they seem to still have boots on most of the time, keep reading to find out what the traveling equestrian loves to get instead!

Saddle bags that can be used as carry-on

My personal favourite! Besides stunningly handcrafted saddlebags such as these by Starkenburg, you can also get super handy and slightly larger saddlebags. These larger ones are fantastic, and I’ve traveled with saddle bags as carry-on luggage for months! I would go for something like these Weaver Trail Gear saddle bags, as they are made out of quite flexible but strong material. Perfect for on the plane and on the horse!

Horse riding holiday and cattle drive in Patagonia, Argentina

Photo or video shoot with a local photographer

Wherever your friend is riding horses, there will be a photographer or videographer somewhere in the country! It’s an incredible gift to give someone a shoot with a professional photo or videographer. Maybe they can follow your equestrian friend for a few hours while on horse riding holiday, or photograph them at home with their own horse. 

Horse books

Not physical ones, but e-books! An e-reader is also a fantastic idea for a gift. This way your horsey friend gets to read everything they want, but does’t have to carry all those horse books around! Have a look in my shop to find my e-book Stories of the Horse Girl. Find more great horse books here

Horse book

Online course

A great gift for someone who is always on the move, and always looking to learn more about horses! There are loads of great courses online, but my favourite is most definitely Featherlight Horsemanship. You can buy a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription to learn all about training young horses, liberty, groundwork, foal handling and more! 

Compensate their carbon offset

Is your horsey friend flying a lot and would like to travel more sustainably? Compensate their carbon offset on myclimate

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