Living with horses in the French Pyrenees


As some of you might know, I was planning on moving with my horse to southern Europe. The initial plan was to move to Italy, however I ended up finding my dream home in France, close to the Pyrenees. In this blog post I'll tell you all about the plans I have for my horse and I, the stunning trails on horseback, and the move itself.

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Horse riding in the French Pyrenees

The French Pyrenees are some of the highest mountains in Europe. This mountain range is almost 500 kilometers long, and the highest peak is over 3000 meters. I will move to a little village. From the house, there are horse riding trails that stretch all the way to the peaks of the Pyrenees. These amazing dirt roads are perfect for long trots and canters. When I visited in the beginning of January, we did a few hours on horseback to explore these trails, and they truly seemed endless. The snow-capped mountains in the background are views I could stare at for days.

Horse riding in the French Pyrenees

The house and horse fields

The house is a lovely french gite, and I have views over the horse fields from my kitchen, living room and bedroom! Honestly, getting to see my own horse all day every day is a childhood dream come true. The house is cute and has everything I could possibly need, it even has a terrace that looks out onto the pool! There are a few other gites for people to stay in on this property too. The horse fields are fantastic. The owners of the gites have 2 horses and a donkey, so my horse, Bats, will hopefully make friends with them soon. One of the horses there is a full Arabian, the other an Arabian mixed with a local breed! 

White horse in the French Pyrenees

The move to France with a horse

The plan is to move within the next few months! The house is all set and ready for us, and so are the horse fields. Bats will have to be transported in a large horse truck. These trucks drive all the way to the south of Spain from the Netherlands, and drop off horses along the way. When the time comes, I'll drive behind the truck, all the way to France. I'll for sure be updating you as we go, through Instagram

Horse riding holiday in France

Equestrian meet-ups in the Pyrenees?

YES! Possibly in the summer of 2023 already, but otherwise we'll start our horse riding holidays in the French Pyrenees in 2024. Stay tuned to be the first to know about these meet-ups.

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