10 Best Horse Breeds for Trail Riding in Tranquility

Recently I had the pleasure of writing for Horse Rookie. I wrote a blog post all about the 10 Best Horse Breeds for Trail Riding in Tranquility, including Haflingers, Friesians and the South African Boerperd breed, and so much more! The post includes lots of information and pictures of myself riding these breeds on trails in Lesotho, Switzerland, Lesotho and Poland.

Best breeds of horses for trail riding

When picking out a trail riding horse, whether you’re starting your own trail riding company or want to buy your own trail riding horse, it’s very important for them to have a few key characteristics. Depending on what kind of riding you would like to do, these characteristics will have different degrees of importance. Keep in mind whether you would like to go for very long steady rides on flat terrain, do you want to gallop often, or would you like to climb mountainous terrain with...

You can read the entire article here.

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