Hooves Around The Pyrenees

Explore the French Pyrenees on horseback

Sign up for our discovery rides in the Pyrenees mountains this summer. Trips will take place between 1 and 27 August, and between 1 and 15 October. 

Meet the ponies! 

At the moment, I have two lovely ponies, Sukur (or Sugar) and Bats. Bats is my one and only soulmate, she means the world to me and we do everything together. She’s my best friend, and most importantly for you to know, my one and only guide horse on trials! She’s far from fearless but dependable, and very brave when push comes to shove. She couldn’t care less where or how fast the other horse goes, meaning you’re free to ride in the lead, behind me, next to me or go for gallops in the field while I look for the route! 

Sukur is my pony for guests. He’s small but mighty! He is a 17 year old gelding, and I bought him from a local riding school. There, he wasn’t going too well in the riding lessons as many kids found him a bit too forward. Therefore, he was used only in lessons for experienced riders, and as a guide horse for trails in the summer. I immediately fell in love with him, even before riding him. He’s super cuddly and affectionate. After riding him a few days later, I bought him on the spot. He’s alert but not scared of anything. He’s forward and very responsive to your legs and hands. He has a light mouth and is very easy to ride with your seat. Together, we’ll be exploring the surrounding forests and trails, and looking for new routes. Prepare to get lost loads of times! No worries, we’ll always take snacks and drinks with us, we won’t be bored one second. Sukur was trained in quite a common way, but quite differently to how I usually train horses. It’s incredibly interesting to see him develop, as he’s a typical riding school pony on the ground (watch that he doesn’t step on your toes!), but a fantastic pony to ride. He’s got a lot to teach us in terms of horse behavior and communication, and is the perfect subject for our groundwork and liberty lessons. Therefore, during our groundwork and liberty sessions, we’ll be working with Sukur. 

Both ponies are currently getting used to their fantastic new lives and environment. We will be taking lots of breaks during which the horses can graze and drink, and we can relax, so we all have a fantastic time. 

The paths we ride on are often rocky, meaning we’ll be walking while on the paths, and occasionally go for a short trot. In many parts of the area, are large fields next to the paths where we can trot, canter and gallop. 

Meet your host, teacher and guide! 

I’m Sanne, and I own Hooves Around The World. I’ve traveled to lots of countries to ride horses. After years of working with horses, guiding trails and training horses around the world, I fell in love with the very best horse on the entire planet, Bats. Her, in combination with wanting to settle down, made me decide to move to France. Here, we can discover endless trails and spend lots and lots of time together. We’re incredibly happy here and I can’t wait to share this beautiful place with you all. 

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