Yoga and horse riding in Mexico


This blog post is written by Sabrina, a yoga teacher and horse lover from Italy. She will be joining our horse riding holiday to Mexico this year to teach us yoga in between horse trails! 

A life of dreaming about horses

There was a time when a little girl used to run around the table in the living room pretending to canter on horseback. The same girl loved watching documentaries about nature and animals and spent many Sunday afternoons watching broadcasts showing amazing travel destinations. She also very much loved dancing and used to dance with closed doors in front of a mirror when nobody was watching. She enjoyed drawing and her diary was the place she chose for it. She grew up reading fantasy and adventure books. Those pages used to bring her to faraway lands. 

Horse riding and swimming with horses in Egypt

Trading the office job for her passion

Now I know you are picturing her as an adult circus ballerina cantering on a horse while performing some acrobatic moves and traveling the world, spending her free time painting and telling adventurous bedtime stories to the kids of a traveling community. You are probably wondering if she even wrote a book entitled “My dreams came true!” Nope. The years passed…and she became an accountant. Yes that’s right, locked in an office all day in front of a computer screen, she did take dance lessons but truth to be told another 15 years had to pass until her true soul started to knock at her heart’s door. Oh boy that door was heavy but as a blade of grass grows out of concrete, her true soul found her way out.

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Yoga and mindfulness

In her 30s she left her job and country, traveled to Ireland, learned a new language, worked in tourism, and started learning how to ride horses. She certainly kept reading and she developed a deep interest in spirituality that became her way to understand her true self. She discovered yoga and mindfulness, and she practiced and studied to learn more until she developed the desire to teach others what she believed worked so well on herself. This was the story of Sabrina, and that’s me. I hope after reading this I will be less of a stranger and more of a soul friend. Strangers have so much more in common than we think and love brings us together one way or another. 

Horse riding holiday

Horses and yoga

What about the horses you may wonder? I went for my first horse riding holiday in Morocco a few years ago. I spent 5 fantastic days riding, camping in amazing wild places where nature was our only company. Do you know what I most remember from that holiday apart from nature, the connection with the animals and the sense of freedom? How sore my muscles were after each ride… Thinking about that experience gave me the key to connect a few dots. When I talked to Sanne we realised we both believe that there is an extraordinary connection between our emotional state and how the horses behave when we are on their back. We both see them as magic creatures that reflect who we really are and what we believe to be true of ourselves and let’s be honest, very often we dislike the image coming from that mirror.

Horse riding in Essaouira
Sabrina in Essaouira, Morocco

How yoga can help us with horses

As human beings we function at our best when we love and respect our identity fully. From that position we are more compassionate and loving towards others too. The horses function at their best when we love and respect their identity fully. From that position they will love and respect us more. A loving and honest communication is what we need to cultivate with ourselves and with them. That is exactly why we came to the conclusion that yoga is the perfect fit in all this. Every day we show up in different ways, and so do the horses, we can all be sad, happy, angry, in distress, and that is perfectly fine. We will be breathing, gently moving and simply observing layer after layer what resides in ourselves, physically and emotionally and we will be sending love to whatever we find. 

Horse riding holiday in Luxor, Egypt
Sabrina on the horse riding holiday in Luxor, Egypt!

Connection between body, mind and emotions

When I am asked more about the yoga I teach, I like telling this little story:

There was a time when a body was so deeply connected with the mind and a mind so deeply connected with the emotions.

Their relationship was based on love, trust and respect.

Most importantly, they listened to each other's needs.

The perfect romance.

One day the mind cheated on the body and emotions, with so many and interesting thoughts.

The mind ended up forgetting about its partners, and the love story slowly ended up in an emotional turmoil in which the body felt neglected.

I would like to explore with you through yoga, the tools to rediscover that deep connection and see what difference it will make on the daily relationship with horses. So! If you too, are going through an internal break up and you want to get your boDyfriend back, set yourselves up for a romantic holiDATE and come to this horse riding adventure with a daily touch of yoga and Mexican vibes! I am so looking forward to experiencing all this together with you hoping this adventure will bring us closer to what we really are.

Sabrina and I will be hosting the equestrian meet-up in Mexico from 10 to 18 September 2023.

Book your spot here! Feel free to contact me directly for any questions.

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