Volunteering with horses for wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe


I recently had the pleasure of writing a guest post for Life Equestrian in the Giving Back section of her blog. Life Equestrian is run by Helen Abrams, a lovely woman who has been riding horses her entire life. She started Life Equestrian in 2016 as a resource for other riders, sharing new products and tips for the hunter jumper life in Southern California.

helen abrams from life equestrian blog
Helen from Life Equestrian

"Welcome to the Contributor [C] series on Life Equestrian.  I love collaborating with other writers and influencers and started this series to curate a source of helpful tips from our equestrian community.  Thank you Sanne Westera from Hooves Around the World.

There is a volunteer program, or better called a volunteer experience in Zimbabwe where you get to combine horse riding with giving back to the local community, nature and wildlife. At a reserve called Imire you can participate..."

To keep on reading on Helen's website, click here.

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